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(11)When Schools are on the Road, they can go to the Source.

The idea here, is to put a classroom for 10 or 15 students in a custom luxury motor coach.

Obviously if you wanted to move two thusand kids from a high school…… that could be a little absurd, to have dozens of busses traveling in a convoy, the reality is I think a lot of parents and grandparents are taking their kids on the road a lot anyway, and the classroom and teaching labs can be configured to take more students when the planning is done by a lot of average people, and not just farmed out to some architect.

I think the students need to design and build a lot of their own stuff.

That could make a lot of adult workers upset , those adult workers would not want a bunch of junior high school kids to do better than the adults, it might make the adult worker’s job obsolete, but that would force the adult worker to move up a level and design something better than hard plastic seats for kids on a school bus.

So there are some sort of tricky things to think of.


This is a helmet, special forces design, and if we take kids on the road…, it might be an idea to let them have access to helmets and other safety gear to protect them in case of the obvious possibility, of a road getting dangerous.

They might not like the color, or design, but we can allow them to design, and possibly make, their own.

Now it gets a bit weird . You can wear, and encourage others to wear a helmet at high speeds, like…., over eighty or ninety miles per hour, or you might need to wear one of these….


An air mask, for visiting a friend after an accident…..


Maybe something like this…,


Then they could end up in an ICU, an intensive care unit.

After, possibly being in an operating room.

These are some of the most high tech locations we know of, and we would hope to avoid them as much as possible, and, improve their designs at the same time.

One way to improve the designs is to take the hospital to…, the person who needs it, by putting it on the road, and another is to teach more people about medicine, and caring for other people’s needs, in the event of physical trauma.


This is a basic example of “taking the hospital to the person who needs it” and I believe this idea could really put the health care industry where we could keep an eye on it, like within about a mile of anywhere people are.

(We want their medical expertise and equipment ready, not, their opinion, or judgement of our behavior. That [ethic] part, is getting drastically important these days. )

This could slow down, or stop, the hospitals from forcing us to go to them. And stop them from charging us so much money, to maintian an enormous building and basically paying for the education of the arcihitects and engineers it takes to build a hospital.

It could get a lot more people out of the congestion and stress and smog of the city if they felt secure…., that there was a medical facility close.

There are nicer things to think about….


I can see why somebody would want to take a picture of this little building, it looks pretty cool. I think almost any kid or student would choose to work with a sort of…, “more peaceful living format”…, like in this picture, than some of the more industrial and institutional formats available.

That is of course, if, and when, they can get there.

And if, and when, they have the choice, to go there.

I believe the choice can begin…, with a lot of average citizens having some fun and creative time with students, trying to design what the students claim they would like, when they take the classroom on the highway.


I don’t think selling the idea to the kids would be much of a problem. If this bus had a better suspension in back, and a bathroom, and shower, I think the kids would jump on the idea.

Oh yeah…, you could fit a fridge, and microwave, and oven, on this thing too….

Then also the bus could sort of make house calls to your neighborhood and some kids might not need to be more than a block or two from home, all day. Parents might like that too, when they could visit, teachers, do not, like spontaneous visits much, that makes sense, but having the bus close to home, could be very nice.


This is the basic layout of a luxury motor coach for a tour bus.

So…, for example, if you took out every other row of seats, and put desks with computers on them, in those empty spaces, that might be a start for a type of traveling school facility.

Seriously, I would have about fifteen seats, and the rest of it be like a kitchen, and bathrooms, showers, and a lot of open space and storage for equipment and room to mess around, and experiment, and design and build stuff.


So when you have a bus , you need a bus garage, with a lift, so you can get under the bus.


This sort of interesting model for a building, with a carport for a bus, could have the building be the main school building for something like a hundred students and then a lift for working on the the bus under the carport, then ten or fifteen students could be on the road, and trade off with other students during the day.

There are some more ideas for things that go along with schools, that can be designed for the road.

A music studio with well designed acoustics.

Aquarium and water ecosystem labs for demonstrating water and biological experiments.

Something like a veterenary clinic on wheels, for kids who dig animals.

A radio and television lab for teaching braoadcasting and information processing.

What would amount to… an astromomical observatory for viewing stars. (night school?)

Shops and workspace for, rough carpentry, finished carpentry, plumbing, electricity electronics, sheet metal, auto design, auto repair, textiles – like making clothes, plastics , painting, pneumatics, hydraulics, fiber optics, microwave, and lasers.

A bus, to show a student how to make their own modern shoes, from scratch.

Optics, binoculars, cameras, microscopes, lenses for sight correction, all glass work.

This list could probably go on, and on, when people are pretty much eldlessly curious about this world, and I don’t mean to be rude but I think that some people have plenty of the answers we and a lot of students would like, but there are a lot of “other” people who make some money blocking us from learning that stuff, and then they sort of act like a “troll” stopping us from crossing a bridge to the knowelege we think we want.

I think this idea could happen really fast and I also think that the schools and hospitals are connected somehow, and that is creating a big problem.

Normally I would suggest a slow style of growth, to allow the guys who are employed in schools and hospitals to get new jobs before a major shift happens in their industries.

But in this case…,I would really suggest that it is totally alright to dump those guys on their asses in front of a homeless shelter and tell them “thanks for all the help so far” but we don’t like them…., and really hope they move to some country where people like institutions making everybody slow…, and apathetic…., and spontaneously, angry(!) and depressed.

I’ll get back on this topic after surfing around the net some more here in a day or so….

Alright….I’m back, did a page with a lot of photos of how to build cars that could change the industries around and put a lot of people to work in jobs that are not so complex it takes a hundred people to figure out what is going on.

So here is this page called The Method to build Better Cars and RoadsOr of course, page 12.


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