Blog Vocabulary

(6) Unity, but, until when…….

The TIME question.

  • Diminishing Returns
  • Craftsmanship
  • Village

So unity is a challenge, that seems to remind me of a…. SHIP….. like the concept of the word comes from a…………. NAUTICAL TERM.

Then….., the world, has latched on to this idea of diminishing returns like it is a great excuse to pretend your boss and friends and neighbors are not, being a bit more clever and corrupt than you want to admit.

That means you can write down the math of diminishing returns and sound really intellectual and proper and polite, talking about the exact reasons you are losing a little more all the time. But nobody wants to admit that the crooks have been eating away at your stash.

Then we have the idea of a savings account, but if you have a house your neighbors will respect…. and not , you know , allow the landlord to let some stranger in to your house, then you can have high quality appliances and furnishings.

Trying to get the good quality gear might cost more, but the stuff will last longer and be less frustrating, and less frustrating is the goal…, in a society that is militant and industrial and generates motivation…., by…., arranging things, so you will be frustrated and that is how they stop you from getting away from them.

Then I think we were all trained or conditioned to imagine some 14th or 16th century French or English village where it was quaint and cute…, and that model is like the background model for how we are supposed to live when that is the history of our society and culture.

And maybe not.

So I think Unity, could last longer, and end up someplace else.

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