Blog Vocabulary

(3)Page three, Blog Vocabulary, Longer Lists

Page One

  • Engineering
  • Acoustics
  • Discipline
  • Management
  • Friction


Page Two

  • Hysteria
  • Paranoia
  • Sociopath
  • Levity
  • Co – dependent
  • Functional
  • Dysfunctional
  • Recovery
  • Moderation
  • Profound


  • Architecture
  • Flying Buttress
  • Arches
  • Curves
  • Space
  • Fissures
  • Fragmenting
  • Choices
  • Coasting
  • Quantifiable
  • Implementation
  • Sustainability

The risk here is that I , or we, might get wrapped up and distracted noticing the pride and arrogance it must require to claim some knowledge of a list of such subjects and topics that would normally suggest specialization and education involving the facilities to acquire fresh research and data beyond the organizational skills normally associated with an average web log.

The trendy idea that there is not an average web log, is cute, but I surf, and what I see is that the average web log is all about being average.


I think the architecture of the trend, and the trendy idea of blogging, is getting some attention.

There are sites, I feel privileged to even arrive on, when the layout and forethought of the source codes has achieved something I could only describe as artwork.

I think some awesome websites and blogs, pass up the normal question about “what does the visitor want?”, and they are not so worried about me, as the visitor, they are arranging for the visitor to visit a real place, with the computer as a choice, as a vehicle to get to that place, without fooling themselves into believing that virtual , is remotely as good as the real thing.

Flying Buttress



These images above show about everything a guy needs to know about architecture and engineering, at least they are a good start, if you get into them.

Then in the late 70s and early 80s, I had a sort of problem with having long hair, and listening to hard rock and metal music a bit when I was young, and I was not all that much of a rebel, but people really slammed me, for….well, mostly just being young and not having a steady job that would occupy me all the time, so I was out a lot, running around.

They did not like that, they had to work all the time and they wanted me to be as miserable and exhausted as they were.

Then , my real interests came from having an avid interest in the arches and curves like you see here, and then the way that under the hood, and under the body of a car, I was seeing the same lines and curves and arches, applied to provide space for passengers , and support the structure and provide strength, for the car.

And the car moves, so the architecture needs to be visualized in motion.

Then there are a lot of people who just can not tolerate that idea , so they will want to “slow things down,” so they can build a project that does not need to be visualized in motion.

They need things to be pretty much stopped and holding still so they can control them and work on them, and not allow any other competitor to make the project work better , which would make the people who can not visualize a project in motion , lose their jobs.

Their need for control is like an addiction, and they are hyper stimulated by forcing a person with more talent and ability than they have, to stop making progress.

This is like an enormous obstacle in our culture and society, it is like a maze we almost never choose to walk around, we will walk into it, like it is a carnival, but then we get stuck in there.

When progress is based on simply stopping somebody else from making progress, that is not progress, that is doing laps.

To “go around” is one idea, to go over or under the obstacle is another, but the shape of the path, or trail, or road around the obstacle, will be a shape, like an arch or circle or some shape.


Here are some arches that have just about everything we need to know about arches, lined out in really simple geometry sketches.


This is one you can learn to draw pretty easy, then it is about the idea that you can apply it to support a bridge or you can make it the design of a tunnel, with the same shape.

Even a window, in a wall, is a sort of a tunnel in the wall, and it needs to still hold up the wall and the roof.

The same shapes also work in any direction, like they make great shapes for designing the bumpers of cars or anything that needs strength in a world that involves mistakes and friction all the time.


When people start acting like, or pretending, that metal is a textile…… They build armor.

So armor is stronger when it is formed and bent in certain directions, they will make it “bubble out” to defend against certain weapons, and they will make it “curve in” to create a scoop shape, or turn, or curve, that will redirect the energy of the weapon by providing a pathway for the kinetic energy to follow.

In our world we have so much experience with armor that we see and sense the shapes all around us. Everything from garbage cans to toasters, is built to look like a fortress or bunker or armor of some type, that we will recognize.

This is not all that big of a deal, except that if you build a weapon or a fortress, somebody might try to test it out and see how serious you might be about backing that idea up.


I will bring in some images of curves later.


Space, is the space created by the arches and buttresses that allow the space created to have form and boundaries.

The mental idea of exploring outer space , seems like there are no boundaries, but people will wait till explorers clear out some space, in outer space, and this will be like at a lake where they put up a floating barriers where it is alright to swim, with the floating buoys supporting a rope and then somehow people will agree to not cross that line.

For kids and teenagers it is a good idea to keep them within a space, but with adults it is really stupid. Adults need to explore, to allow the chance that there might be something out there that might provide an extraordinary source of security and a surplus for the entire group.

This is like the fairy tale of the troll guarding the bridge, if you can’t build a bridge, then you need to hassle with the damn trolls all the time.

People know you want a path around the obstacle, so they build a path or bridge or road that looks…., from where you are standing, like it goes past or around the obstacle, then you pay to use that path, and learn that they lied, and the path leads to the carnival anyway…., and you decide , when you are around thirty years old, to say “screw it” and just get bitter, and ignore the old dream of getting the hell out of here.

Stopping people from crossing the boundaries that might allow them to be “scouts” and discover a source of security and a surplus for the rest of us, is a choice , and a sort of bad habit we get into when we will take rewards from people who like telling the group what to do.


Fissures sort of happen in our brains, when we are not allowed to go looking for potential sources of security and a surplus. It is against our instincts to stay within boundaries set by idiots who get off on the stimulation of telling us what to do.

When you are camping you want to go looking for firewood and water you do not want some guy giving you one stick a day to burn and one cup of water and telling you there is a shortage of firewood and water, you want to go explore around and take a look for yourself.

The person giving you the stick for firewood and the cup of water, is a TYRANT and they are sort of mentally ill, they know they can not survive without you and if a bear or wolf shows up they will throw you toward the attacking animal, and the reason they are a tyrant is so they can make you bear bait.

The sections of your brain will not be connected, when you allow this idiot to run the show.

Then when that gets going on, eventually the entire town will have fissures , between neighborhoods and peer groups and none of the sections of the town will be working together.

The TYRANT will tell you they are talking to every section of the town and trying to get everybody to work together. Mostly, they are making damn sure the sections never work together.


So if fissures come first then fragmenting comes next.

Then this sounds like a problem, like a bridge or old building cracking and splitting and falling apart.

But then it could also be like a lot of things that are technically growing up and getting more mature and independent.

That means it might be somewhat painful or uncomfortable to see the whole thing coming apart, but that might be sentimental and not really a good reason to try to keep it all together.

Like the fissures will soon turn the separate sections into fragments, and then those fragments can be like awesome little kingdoms or seeds or the beginnings or great new projects. New projects that do not need to be huge like the original system was…, to survive and thrive.

Like people getting off a bus, they are unified on the bus, and, they might not want to talk to you on the bus, when they don’t want everybody else to hear, but when the bus stops, then when you get off, the person who was ignoring you, might really like you and want to talk.


To allow a young adult or teenager to do something you would never previously allow is like the thing with the fissures and fragments, the fissure starts when the kid is about 10 years old, and then it grows until it is a fragment. The fragment is an independent private lifestyle the kid has, and owns, of themselves, and then the endless waiting and tormenting, and testing of the kid, hoping you don’t drive them psychotic in the process, and then, you finally, get sick of it, or find a new hobby, and finally, let the kid do what they want.

The worst thing is that if you drag this out too long the kid might come home and tell you he has a job that makes ten times as much as you do, when the kid is only about fifteen years old. That can be a really bad problem with driving the kid to develop extreme disciplines, they will give up sex, and love, and honesty and anything correct or good, and set out to make all the cash they need, to get the hell away from you and never need to come back and put up with your twisted mental shit.

The proper choice is that HOBBY.

The parent needs a hobby when the kid is ready to leave home, so the parent will not pay so much attention to the kid, like the young adult, is some type of entertainment device.

Raising kids might be interesting, but keeping them, is not a good idea.

My mother was extremely proud of the awesome job she did raising an independent man.

Then, the thing that pissed her off more than anything, was when assholes would want to see her get freaked out and pissed off, so they would mention they had seen me, and tell her what I was doing, and where I was.

She wanted to kick them in the teeth for doing that.

If they will tell her that, then they will tell anybody that. And that allows predators and scavengers and the scum of humanity to know my location and potential next move.

If you were the dispatcher for a cop, and the cop was sneaking up on a bad guy and some idiot started telling everybody exactly where that cop was, and what he was doing, you would want to kick them in the teeth.

With me , or a cop, if you want to show up and work, then you do, what me, or the cop, tell you, and shut up and pass the ammo when we tell you to , and do it fast, the first time.

You want to be a hero? Show Up. But don’t just tell the predators and bad guys what I’m doing and letting the freaks of society surround me. Broadcasting my position, does not make you cool.

People wanted my mother to sort of contain and control me when I would be more likely to just shoot you than kick you in the teeth, if you interrupted or disrupted me when I was at work, so people learned that it was easier to piss my mother off and threaten her and make her uncomfortable and then she would tell me to basically quit working altogether so the fucking idiots would leave her alone.

So would I really shoot?

Interesting idea, what I would do, is get a road construction crew to build a road past your house and go totally over budget, and then take another five years to finish the road.

At that point you, would be more likely, to be shooting somebody.

Sorta helps , when I can draw a road or a bridge I know damn well will never work in the first place. But any idiot with an MBA working to manage a crew in engineering or construction will think it will work, and they will drill into that project for years insisting the banks and insurance companies will all get rich working with them.

You can build a sawhorse, but you can not “administrate it” to happen.

Amazing, what can happen, when you piss my mother off, aye?


When there are sane rational people with some cash to work with, then we work, but in between times, when everybody is paying off the credit card bills , people will coast and just wait for people to stop taking the “candy style” mortgages and bank loans the financial institutions are handing out, to anybody who will.. “agree to not do anything new,” and do something old fashioned that the bank managers can understand, without needing to get any experience actually meeting the challenges of working.

In real life…., if MIDDLE MANAGEMENT was removed…, fifty separate departments in a large business would instantly begin working together with awesome precision and efficiency, but then, the middle manager would be homeless.

It is the FANTASY that businesses require middle managers, to force the departments of a business to “optimize,” and “streamline” and “work as a team” and all that garbage.

It is the REALITY that middle managers will make damn sure the departments never really know what the other departments are doing so there will be no progress, or any promotions, based on real insight or efficiency.

A lot of us are coasting, waiting for the attitude of the community to come around to ignoring the middle managers, and their endless illusions of drama and crisis, and then the real leaders will have some suggestions for better projects, and they have already been scouts, and found the sources of new security and a surplus, but if you want to dick around pretending that idiot in a suit you have been following for twenty years is your god, then we don’t want that guy coming along and ruining the fun for everybody.

Leave the middle managers in their stupid suburb houses, with their fancy cars, and then we can get to work getting out of here and get to someplace that is really cool.


Accurate measurement of what is really going on, is easy to manipulate and warp into bite sized chunks the average consumer might not challenge, when they are also doing the math of the interest rates of their credit cards in their heads at the same time they are negotiating.

So you catch a chicken thief in your chicken coop and the guy tells you some long complex mathematical formula that sounds hyper intelligent and then he tells you that as a result of him being so smart, you need to let him go free.

And you actually believe it.

What is really going on is the guy is stealing from you, and then the guy occupies your brain with some bullshit story that involves math and science and it looks like the guy is a math expert and a scientist, so apparently he gets to be a thief and get away with it.

The accurate quantification of just how much bullshit is going on here is more important.

What we are getting, out of this, is a type of extraordinary surplus of bullshit stories.

Math and science are more popular than sex and chocolate, and then really about all a person can do with an education in math or science, is steal.

GREAT EDUCATION , but where will you get raw materials?


So we need to not have some fantasy that we will all get along after we get wherever we are going but we need to try to get past this carnival of chicken thieves that have 11 years of college learning science and math and how to manage personnel.

Mostly after these first few lists of words and my ideas about them, I will be repeating myself and coming at the same subjects from angles triggered by different words.

To implement a new project, first we need to be out of the old project.

Like starting a church or police station in a whore house, might not work so well.

I mean the authority and cash might be available, but the social atmosphere would make things too expensive to adapt to, or protect ourselves from.

So implementation is like trying to get people who think the world is flat to go past the horizon to start a new community.

Instantly, they will claim they KNOW what will happen.

Like they know the psychology of human beings, and they think it is predictable that any new project will automatically have the same problems as the old project.


If you were one of the original Pilgrims, and you went back to Europe and somebody asked you if there were dragons, and monsters, and savage Indians all over the place, you might tell them that mostly…, you get water in the morning, and then get some firewood, and then you work like everybody else, and if there are problems, you totally kick ass, and then get back to work.

In real life if a dragon or monster did show up, there would not be much choice anyway, you just gotta kick its ass and then get back to work. I mean you can’t just quit if the dragons or monsters are migrating between wars or feeding grounds.

You will notice that I slam just about any old idea, or anything, people are normally respecting and try to get people noticing that there are other options, available, and this is not about me not respecting the old timers, it is about me wanting to work with people who are not depending on the old timers to provide security and a surplus all the time.

What I am getting at is that in the 70s and 80s a lot of young people moved away from their parents and then tried to live a sustainable lifestyle and IT DID NOT WORK and a lot of bright healthy young people had to move back home, confused and angry, and then had to live with their parents some more.

This was devastating, when having any relationship with a member of the opposite sex is really about impossible when a man is still living with his mother when he is twenty five years old.

It was not his fault, it was the idea of the idiots who couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag in high school, getting credit cards, and nice clothes, and cool cars, and that image got them jobs as managers of the people who really had the talent and skill and should have had the management positions.

The WRONG people got the good jobs. And I mean, EXACTLY the wrong people, people you would never want near you, or near anything, you wanted to keep safe or protected.

So this is a conflict between the sustainability of the IMAGE of a leader, and the REAL SKILL and TALENT of a hard worker who should be the leader.

So then I can get into some new words, and try to point out some ideas for solutions on the next couple of pages.

To page four…..Eeeyaahaa!!


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