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(4) The fourth page, Identity, and Octagons

My identity, is mostly text and images, to persuade people. I will get around to me later.

There are some other guys who sort of gave up the fun of having an identity to make it easier to do their jobs. In the right time and place.., I can only hope it is working well for them.

Lets just say this guy…might…. have been in Afghanistan , he looks pretty secure with his identity to me.


I built another page called… “Some tricky words…”with more photos and writing about that section of my attitude, like a middle aged civilian’s ideas about what our soldiers are doing wherever they are….,with photos, and some pretty sketchy information…. I really don’t want better information. thanks.

He, this guy, in the photo above,  has a definite job to do, and I think the last thing I would want to do, is get between him and his job, so I like to stay busy doing what I do, and leave him alone. I hope this guy is doing alright, but there ain’t a hell of a lot I can think of , to do , to directly assist.

So I mess around with drawing, and computers, and work, and stuff like that.


I get into this idea that we need to get the managers out of the way before we can get any work done….so….

A personnel manager will always “set” your identity in a sick or horrible position.

Then when you hate them…, two predictable things will be, that… for one, you will have more energy, when you want to kick their ass, and the other is that you will take less money, for your work, so you might get the chance to get them in a place you can finish the job, and hide the body, quick. Normally you will not see a manager near places you can stash their corpse. ( ha)

Notice how any institution, and a morgue, look the same?

Stainless – steel, and tile. ( scattered zombies all quadrants)

That is the way it seems, ( is, and it is getting progressively worse. ) and it is a thing they can spring on you any time. But I really don’t think they should get away with too much of it.

I really don’t believe in pretending managers have authority. The owner, the guy who built the business…, has authority, when they know how to run a business, the manager, is a guy who needs to make sure you have everything you need, to do your job, with no interruptions or disruptions. They almost never, really, do that.

A manager will position you as an inferior, like they are royalty and you must be dumber than they are, or you would be royalty.

With an owner, (especially one who is not in debt), they really are superior, but
when some geek who never did anything in his life except pass a math test, gets a job as
your manager, that is only a result of something like people forcing a religion on you.

The idiots who want science, to be more popular than bypassing a tyrant, are putting social pressure on the business owners, so they will hire guys who are good at math and science.

“Sick and horrible” is the feeling like you want to puke, when some freak manager has nothing better to do all day…., than arrange your life, and position you, to lose, so they can win.

That is not about evolution or science or psychology, that is only people looking at other people, when they need to be getting their work done. This means, that gossip, is like an enormous industry, that people want to call a science and we call it psychology and psychiatry.

Its a cute game, any idiot can play, if some authority puts them in the management position, but I think the computer social networks might eventually wipe out the people who are the source of the problem.

So we need to talk about the things, they…. talk about… that we don’t.

  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical
  • Servos
  • Electric
  • Linkage

This is about a concept called a Quadruple redundant backup system.

The idea is you need to make the thing, from scratch, alone, not manage it after you buy it. Anybody can manage a car, but almost nobody can build one. ——————————————————

Here is one way to begin designing, and building a car.


Basically its a .gif image, that shows an octagon being drawn, if you don’t get it.

( If you have tabbed browsing, load up the pages 10, 11 and 12, they take a while
to load, there are 50 images on page, 12 I think.)

So also somebody spent a day or so figuring out how to make the octagon .gif, above, and I snagged it, so don’t kick my ass, but find the dude who built the gif, and make sure the guy ain’t out of gas for his car, maybe send him a million bucks if you happen to be rich.

So basically anybody can draw the geometry of almost any machine ever built, and that is all there is to it, we don’t need scientists or specialists, we can do this stuff, and, pretending we need the big shot engineers, is leading to extreme violence and hostility.

So there is this weird hobby we have, we are TAUGHT to pretend we don’t know how to draw an octagon, that is our identity. And the manager does…, know how to draw an octagon, that is his identity, and we pretend we are stupid all day, so the manager can look and feel cool, and we are the dumb people.

In real life it works when we shut up and let the boss give us orders, but it is like a test, the owners want to see us tell the managers to go to hell, or the boss will know we will not have the courage to tell a bad guy or thief to stay away from hurting the company the boss owns.

It is totally un – natural to let a manager even look at you, without wanting to punch him in the nose, and it can actually make us physically ill , to pretend a stupid person is smart.

So the managers stay healthy, and the employees get sick.


This is not an…, “us – against – them situation,” this is about us, wanting to be managers, to avoid the work of needing to draw the octagons. And avoid any other work. Like…., “we are so cool, we don’t need to work in America, we manage.”

Manipulation, control , behavior modification, bribery, blackmail, treachery, and deciet.

Run that back, to Newton, putting the math of physics, with theology.


The mechanical devices mentioned in the starting list above, all require a LINKAGE to make them work.

Interrupting the linkage is interrupting the transfer of energy.

So Newton, put religion, in place, to block, and control a mechanical linkage.

( I just bet you got a keyboard sitting there, and you can write, got any ideas of what to do when the management is gone, and you have room to get to work? )

So interrupting a pneumatic linkage or a hydraulic linkage is the same as bending and kinking a water hose, or an air hose, to ritard or inhibit or block the flow of fluid or air.

So then the same idea has been transplanted, by written policy, to your schedule.

You are inhibited, or stopped, at the will of a manager, and then your energy is redirected to another location, before it can do you any good, personally.

Then you get pissed of at work, you come home and give me a line of shit, and I can’t negotiate with you when you are so totally pissed.

That is why…, they want you pissed, they don’t want you working with me or anybody else when you get off work. They want you to need them, they need to be needed , emotionally, when they don’t have any friends either.

Pissing you off, sort of forces you to be their friend. They are addicted to the stimulation of forcing you to do things you would not normally do, and you are addicted to them.

There are a lot of fags, who hang around churches, and they don’t like working, and believe me, you will not want to let them out of your sight for long, they will always do something tricky and nasty, to keep you obsessed with them, 24 hours a day.

When they get caught, screwing around, they need spirituality, bigtime.

They need the protection, of a bunch of other fags in a church, to network with.

So the situation we might explore is that the management concept, in the form it presently has, is only a form, it is not a law of nature.


I mean…., the management concept is CENTRALIZED.

That is cute, but it is stupid, and it is taken to an extreme. So the other extreme is total personal independence, and that, would be about as stupid, as having everything Centralized.

The linkage, they, would normally suggest blocking….,, to stop all this chaos, is the pathway between your home and the industrial workplace.

They are in this obsessed mental state, where they can’t think correctly, ( they are disrupted, can’t concentrate) , so they just freak out, and go for whatever linkage they can find, and then they capitalize on taking the damn thing hostage, and rationing it out to you, for a fee.

So forget protecting the highway, ( linkage), between your house and work, they will be waiting on both sides of the road, all the way there.

In any real military situation, we would want to “understand” the enemy, so we could respond or adapt, but with personnel management, they are never understandable.

They need us to hate them, so we will be motivated to take minimum wage, to hang around…, and wait for the chance to hurt them.

We need another place to go, where we can fly to, and they can’t break the linkage with their, ground based, economical tactics.

Maybe not fly, like in planes, but something like that.

There is this sort of strange dreamy idea, like a leftover from when I was young, where they wanted us kids to know all about pneumatics, hydraulics, and mechanical engineering, and servos and electric devices and all the linkages between any of these things, so we would never ever need a maniac to manage us, or lead us, or force us, to do anything we would not normally do.

That is about something like ethics.

We do like the equipment, but we need to stop the bullshit management crap they teach us that they insist is the only way to get any work done with the equipment.

They are trying to claim…., our brains, are science. They will lose.

I believe their attitudes, of contstant denial, will lead to dementia.

When they have nothing authentic or genuine to remember, their brains will not remember anything.

They gave up, growing as an adult, when they chose to conform to a high school teachers, idea of a militant society that would run like a machine. They will not knowhow to recover from sketchy thiuaghts, when they never had to, all they had to do was hate their manager and set out to try to kill the son of a bitch for fifty years.

But it is also about so many millions of assholes who screw around all the time when they are young, ( conforming to the gym coach’s idea of proper civil behavior), and then these idiot jocks, suddenly, and spontaneously, want to be the leader of the crew.

Life will have challenges, and some of them can be made less.

The writing can be hard to follow, but I am talking about having another place to go, and not allowing the maniacs to be managers, when basically there are no managers allowed.

They wanted us to know engineering so the freaks could not hurt us, and then the freaks got really lucky when some idiot wiped out the interest rates of the economy in Washington DC and he pretty much destroyed this country doing that.

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