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(9) Solution to school problems is mobility by Deluxe Bus.

If you have tabbed browsing….

Load this page, (9), and page ten, and eleven, to let all the images load, I like the photos to go with the writing.

This is the first page of three here, about the possibility that we might design a type of policy, like it is a new civilian technology, to let the kids stop being a source of leverage for politicians.

This is about working with a bus, and schools, that are not designed to fight or dominate anybody, by talking about it , the goal is to design a “civil technology” out of the policy of the mobile school concept, to sort of leave the kids alone, and stop feeding on their future like it is a mastodon the champions of society have provided for us to feed on.

There are a lot of images, they can take some time to load, so it is cool if you have tabbed browsing to load all three, and then read the stuff.

Then it would be cool if you snagged some images off of the net and sort of duplicated what I wrote here with your own ideas, hopefully without trying to manage the kids, but trying to let them prove that they can manage a lot more of their own activity, when their agenda is not designed to “help” some politicians agenda.

Then you and me gotta find a hobby, like just about anything and let the kids who don’t want to live with their parents all day get out of that, and then I think the kids need to choose the instructors they  like, based on the product the teacher teaches them to provide,  and that would make the instruction a lot more competitive.

The kids and a lot of people and probably everybody needs a little correction once in a while, but constantly correcting them any time they are not serving the specific needs of some politician might, (will, definitely), condition them to need a politician for the rest of their lives, and not think for themselves.


There is too much reward available for getting hysterical about how to manage a bus full of kids, who are on their way to visit an advanced craftsman, on a bus.

The secretaries of every office of a city will make a couple dollars dealing with the mobile student transport ( bus), and every single one of those secretaries wants to get a little more out of it, than they are, already.

The secretaries need their own bus, to go visit some cool, honest, people, to learn how to make some cash of their own, without stealing it from the kids.

This is a photo of some kids on a “computer bus..”. great idea, but a I am highly critical.


This is primitive and horrible, this is a bus with too many kids and they are wearing uniforms and they need to be able to see outside and the shades are closed, they need to have a bus like this for about half the amount of kids, and stop teaching them to be military and wear uniforms, and then they should be making something, not just managing the minimum wage workers, or machines that do the work.

They need to know what the work is, first, before they can manage the work with political science and statistics.


This is what the kids on a bus need to have for seats, the right seats will improve their self esteem and self worth, kids like clothes, and showing off their image, the seats are like clothes.

The seats need to be custome fit, so we (in 2007) have a “missing seat”, we have seats for small kids in cars , then we need a custome seat for the kids who are about the age between 10 and thirteen, who are forced to feel a little too small, in an adult sized car seat, and most adults sort of like it, when some people (especially teenagers)…, feel weak and powerless and small, the idea is the adult needs to actually do something respectable, not just give the kid a seat that makes the kid look and feel stupid. Don’t forget …,the kids pick up on that, and if the adults do it, the kids will learn it and do it to others.


This is pretty cool, these people went to some work to build this bus.

It look s functional, light, practical, well planned,colorful and like a good study and learning environment.

Still I think the kids themselves need to build or acquire new seats and tables, get the cables for the computers out of the way, then get some good carpet and think about installing their own bathroom. Sounds like a lot to do, but look at all those computers sitting there, there is really not much excuse to not have a thousand watt sound system and carpet and a bathroom.

( And where is…, that fire extinguisher I want to see?)

(A wet /dry vac? A first aid kit? )


The seats need to be safe, so notice the back of this seat, the thing is made of composite material and it might help protect the passenger from a back injury.

The shell could be made out of steel or other metal and it really does not matter if it is composite materials or not, the idea is to at least try to make it safer and more comfortable, to improve the concentration and creativity of the student and allow for less stress and more personal mental and physical freedom.


This is a Recaro seat, Recaro makes seats for cars and then they have a line of seats just like them, for offices. The point is that the seat in a school or on a bus is going to be where a person spends a lot of time, the seat needs to be built with an idea of modular design so it can be changed for timely adaptation to competitive situations and then be as close to custom (fit) and comprehensive to the passengers needs, without forcing the passenger to conform to the seat’s standards, that are normally limited by the manufacturer’s local standards for maintaining order in their own community.


This is another computer bus, notice…., no good view, no windows, no color or photos hanging on the walls. Color and light stimulate creativity, sitting in a dungeon is not the greatest place to think of how to treat other people with respect.

If you want to people to follow you, take away the color and light and music and happiness, keep them on rations and the verge of misery so any reward will look good, and, they will follow you , for a while…., but only, to get back out of that damn dungeon and get around somebody sane, who they will follow, who does not need, to create miserable conditions to get people to follow them.

People like to follow smarter people than they are, but building a mobile dungeon is like a display of ineptitude, and potential tyranny in the works.

A mobile dungeon might be fun…., if you were into S&M or Aerobics, ( H a )

But if you are into getting away from your parents ( student/ teenager) and not being a burden on them, and possibly sending home some money to your parents, you need instruction, tools, materials, transportation, and a private place to rest and get prepared for work.

———————— //

This next one is a bus converted to a Police mobile command unit, mostly almost every guy I ever met would like to have a bus that cost as much as something like this in case they wanted to really get competitive and kick their neighbors and friends asses in business or for just being cool around the neighborhood.

This is about the same thing as having your own personal mobile disco or night club, all the cash you could dream of…., put into a bus to make it stop the guys you hate, from having a good day.


Really it is still just a damn conversion bus, and that means tables chairs tvs radios and a couple computers, antennas, cameras whatever.

So a school can do the same thing with the idea of personnel management as the “enemy” and personal financial freedom and independence from people telling them what to do as the goal.

Institutionalization…., is the enemy, and anybody who supports it needs to be locked up, but that might take a while when the institutions offer your friends and alliances cheap superficial rewards in such extraordinary abundance with such speed it is almost impossible to even suggest ethics or morals or value as an alternative to instant gratification and convenience.

So the same planning and engineering for something like a police mobile command unit can be configured to be realistic and practical, and more focused on reality…, than on “going along with the institutions”.

( institutions are a luxury.)

Then there is a bit of a stretch involved with attempting to persuade the reader or listener, to attempt to link, and reconfigure their perspective and preparation for timely competitive activity to the the extremes of old craftsmanship and the super high tech location of the modern managers seat and phone and desk and computer.


This is where a police commander might sit when he is in a situation, still, no sunlight, no sensory input at all, how can a man make a decision, when all his senses are shut off from the world he is living in?

It is all black and white, no color no comfort no view no way to get information by just looking ut the window.

Police or military types do fine in a pace like this, temporarily, but we do not need to duplicate the atmosphere or environment of a mobile command post, to have authority in our lives, we need to respect others, and do something they can see, that will allow them to respect us. That is trust, it is hard to get somebody to trust you when you never go outside, or even look outside.

The pride in the technology and the insistence from the radio and tv and computer manufacturers that we ( or authorities who can afford the technology) will not need to live outside with the “lower species” (like the civilians of earth[?]), its forcing them to try to pretend this is just the greatest way to spend a lot of taxpayers cash to fight the bad guys.

But the bad guys can see, they have windows, and they could roll this bus on its roof in about forty fast seconds. Its a bus not a castle or fortress.


This is an old blacksmith shop, notice the window right where he needs it, and nobody wants to go back to this world, but this is where manufacturing and most of the innovations and shapes we like with our products, was built for the first time.

The blacksmiths were not really any better than the ( possibly corrupt, inept, insecure, underdeveloped) police or politicians we have today, they were guys, and they had their problems too.

What I am getting at is that our students in school could visit places like this and learn about the trade, and then actually go back again and again, to learn more and more about it. That sort of means the kids would take over the progression of the blacksmith trade from where they left off in the early 1900s.

That is sort of like putting composite materials and high tech metals in a blacksmith shop.

I am going to link to another page to show more so the pages are not too slow to load on a computer.

The ideas here are about really new stuff, really old stuff like engineering and old trades, and then the important part about letting the students go after they grow up and not planning their future but this means you and me need to get a hobby or something and just let go and let them grow up and go their own way and not follow them.

The idea of starting a kid out at eight years old and planning every day of their career until they are retirement age…is proof…, that you have plenty of time on your hands to screw around with some weaker and more powerless person’s life but I just bet yours is not in very good order.

People are going to get into this idea of putting schools in buses and planes idea and we are going to need to let go of the kids and not keep them until they are twenty or thirty years old, they will fight that like hell.

Kids really don’t want to live with their parents after they are about fifteen or sixteen years old, they don’t need to be weaned like kittens, they will rip your stinking life to shreds if you don’t let them have a private life.

Pretty hard to concentrate on putting a corrupt politician or gangster in jail when our kids are twenty five years old, have a masters degree, and they hate your guts and they want you to be homeless and broke if you continue to pretend like they are 12 years old.

Visualize a sixteen year old boy with his own conversion bus with a blacksmith shop in the back. He would have his own house, car, and job, and he could travel to find, and live near the greatest craftsmen of that trade, and learn the skill from them.

Same thing if he was into lasers or computers, he could have a shop in the bus, and his living quarters, and go looking for the instructors he knew he could get along with.

Not an institution, it could be a four wheel drive bus and he would not even need a highway, that would be great, the wimpy geeks would be studk near the highway system and the smart guys would four wheel out in the rough country to get to the instructors.

So I will get to more of the same stuff on the next page…..


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