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(8)Profiles and changing a response to a profile.

A profile is abuse.

When you don’t know what a person wants, but you think you do, you are abusing them.

Then they will retaliate.

That creates friction in our society.


If I can get my enemies to fight each other, then I don’t have to worry about them getting together and coming against me.

If I can convince you, to never talk to a person, ( customer), but to just look at them, and decide what they want, then you will piss that person off, then they will retaliate and you two will be fighting, and I can go play video games.


BUT, you might get smart.

You and your customer will be protected, by confidence, and reputation, when you talk to each other and work out the details of what you want. This means don’t go too deep, just try, to work together to finish some project you can finish without getting too confused.


People profiled me, and decided who I was and what I was capable of…, long before they ever talked to me, and then I went to work and proved I was a lot more advanced and efficient than they could have ever believed, they had no idea that anybody could have got the jobs done, that I was getting done, with the education and money I had available to me.

They did not talk to me.

They asked other people how much money I had, and how much education I had, and then decided what I would be capable of.

Then I got to work and proved I could finish projects that, in thier idea of a profile, would have taken a lot more cash and education to finish.

That is like…. “building a million dollar house for fifty thousand dollars.”

Then their kids, and the rest of society, was demanding some answers from these people who had decided I was useless and had no cash and had no education.

Their kids, and the rest of society, wanted what I had, not really just me but myself and a lot of customers and asociates who had the means to build small businesses and other projects ( before this peculiar saturation of institutionalization),

A lot of young people apparently felt…, “wise”…, or practical, for wanting to work with some old timers, who liked working with, and controlling young people, but never set them up with anything new.

People were demanding answers from these old timers and their employees , whe they had pretty much “given the planet to poorly managed, decaying and rotting, industries and institutions.

I did not set out to make that happen, I just got to work and ignored everybody, and had a lot more satisfied customers, and, a lot less customers who wanted to return anything I sold them.

The industries , got new tile in their bathrooms, and kept going.

And me and a few real people had anticipated something like that and pretty much refused to start anything new until the institutional clowns had a lot more success so it would really make a statement whenwe finally shut them down.


Then , they, ( old timers), could not compete with that. So they got extremely lazy.

The leaders got lazy, as a type of weapon.

They sort of “retired early” and forgot how to help and participate.

The last hope…, of any strung out boomer, is their incredibly advancd method of pouting until it drives you to having a seizure.

The more progress I made , toward building a great community, the more the older people and their legions of spoiled brat workers, got really lazy and played dumb.

That is like an addiction to algebra, like they are obsessed with returning our society to zero, like…., making money, and making progress, is not allowd, when it might lead to something the old timers can not predict, or profile, or manage.



The word is extension.

The adults can easily predict what a teenager wants and what their mistakes will be.

Then our society played… they pretended, that this teenage “moment” went longer.

A teenager is actually a short intense phase, it is not something that goes on forever.

The vets from WWII, created the “extension of teenage behavior” as an illusion.

The adults in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s pretended that a grown man could somehow STAY a teenager until the man was 25 or 30 years old.

You CAN profile a teenager, you can NOT profile the profound creativity of a grown man.

A grown man will have dozens of women who want that man to be alright, and those women will damn well know if that man is a man or a teenager. They will work behind the scenes to protect the guy. A lot of people will protect the guy.

The “extension” of teenage behavior , into adult life, is an illusion, it is virtually impossible to have teenage behavior after the biological phase is over.


At the beginning of this I mention “enemies,” I don’t really have enemies so much as I have people around me who learned to apply their lazy behavior as a weapon to conform, and fit in with the leaders, who “profiled me”…, got it wrong…., and then can’t compete with me.

People my age and younger, think they will get more money, and a more reliable lifestyle by being nice to a bunch of old leaders and their legions of spoiled brat workers.


This is getting a little old, this is stuff I got over and past about twenty years ago, but the town and friends got more and more lazy, as I got more and more successful, and finally, they sort of shut me down.

They want the algebra…., the return, to zero.

They want to prove they can return this town to zero, more than they want to prove they can make progrss, or build a healthy business or community.

It is cool, sort of weird how they put so much work into it, like their plans are very scientific and very DEEP. But that is sort of stupid, their ideas are so damn scientific and so damn deep they can’t explain it .

This is the illusion that people are like teenagers. Like we are too stupid to understand it.

These men went to a war, (WWI and WWII), then they came back, and the teenagers were only five or six years away from being the boss at work.

The teenagers would have been the boss, when the soldiers had no work experience.

That means the soldiers, were at war when they needed to be learning how to work, the teenagers at home, were learning how to work. The soldiers came back and stopped the twenty – to – twenty five year old men, from having jobs, by making the young civilian men look like they had teenage behavior.

And they kept that going for sixty years.

The Veterans claimed the young skilled workers needed to catch up with the Veterans, by having from nine to eleven years of college to match what the soldiers learned about real life in a war.

Nine to eleven years of college is a duplication of the misery and zero progress of a war.

No progress, no glory , no loot, and taking orders from psychotic sleazy idiots for a decade, is about the same as being in a war.

So by the time an American citizen is about thirty, all they want is for the pain and misery to stop, and they will take anything…, that is not so damn confusing, they will conform, and allow the corrupt idiots to run the show.

Any time I have a good idea, the people around me will get more and more lazy, and they will want me to pay them more and more, to participate in any project I have.

They will want to return me and my project to zero.

Then, we will not make money from the customers, I go broke, and they, get rewards from the old timers who reward each other and younger people, for stopping the civilians from opening successful businesses.

They act like I am running a black market retail store on a military base.

Their act, is about the only thing they participate in with the community.

They will almost never talk or come outside, or go anywhere, except…, and only…, to tell you about me and how risky it might be to work with me.

They will warn you about my profile.

They are like vampires living in a dark musty asylum, and I have real customers from all over the world who live and work in the sunshine and fresh air, who have no idea the local vampire Veterans could exist, or could possibly get away with this.


So then I want to get on with some happy ideas.
I’m not really into utopia or fancy ways to design a community.

I think more like “build the cool stuff…., and by the time you get it built, the young people will be making the decisions anyway, so just don’t piss them off, and don’t build a fortress into it unless you are going to show up and be the first one out there to fight.

Mostly people fight with phones, words, and cash, but it does tend to get a little messy when your phone is not cool, your words are not about helping anybody, and your cash is a target , not a display of the success of the community turning over the means of production and trade to their civilians and youth.

So on to page nine and this stuff will get a bit more fun…
This next page, page nine…,
Is the beginning of three pages about converting luxury motor coaches into traveling classrooms, to take the students to the best craftsmen and instructors available withing range of the bus.

There a re a lot of images so you might need to reload, or do something, to get them all to show up, they normally work pretty well, I guess I just need to split the pages into about six pages.

So on to
Page Nine….


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