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(5) Page five, nasty, denial, let it happen to the other guy.

In a neat tidy little social moment, somebody tells you that the guy who invented the electrical system for the ford pickup needs to be tortured in public to send a message to all the other designers of half assed equipment, and you pretend you would never think of such a nasty mean thing, but really, if the guy standing next to you, was about to be tortured, you would love to watch.

That is reality, nasty, denial, and let it happen to the other guy.

When I trust something, and it turns on me, and abandons me, and betrays me, I can have a seizure…., and totally tear into myself emotionally, mentally, and physically, trying to stay socially correct, and not hurt somebody.

I think this can make me physically sick. I don’t like that idea.

How much of this shit can we take?

The electrical system on the ford pickup was a total nightmare in the seventies, then the first computers on pickups in the 80’s were horrible, and then the next generation of computers on trucks was ridiculous also.

And we could not kill anybody for that, and we damn well wanted to.

As far as I can tell, they owe me about a hundred million dollars, after I missed about thirty, million dollar appointments, as a result of their fucked up pickup trucks.

I don’t just want the cash, I want my twenty years back. They totally destroyed my future and my entire lifestyle.


When the electrical system on your pickup is built like a DISEASE and you need to stop at the parts store and get another coil and another relay and another battery and another headlight and another stereo and another highbeam switch…, you try to not want to kill the idiot at the parts store, but you also don’t want the guy to live very long. He is getting way too much cash for being an asshole selling you stuff for that truck.

They allowed the slimebags, and the weak, and the fools, to catch up with me and surround me and outnumber me.


I think the maniac who suggested the 55 mile per hour speed limit needs his family punished for the next three hundred years. In public.

I think the day they finally got the speed limit back up to, and over 65 MPH, needs to be a National Holiday.

Yes I’m not kidding, a National Holiday, to celebrate the end of one of the most ludicrous times in the history of mankind.

Find the assholes who liked the 55 MPH speed limit, and stop them from getting gasoline, food, laundry soap, and toilet paper.

Those freaks had plenty of that stuff back then, they did not need or want to go anywhere, and they liked the idea of everybody else staying home and doing nothing with their lives too.

Those are the monsters that raised the pathetic spoiled brats that got jobs managing all the real grown ups in the 80s.

They ripped this country to shreds, until all we had, was a piece of shit caled the K- car.

Seriously, if you’re not going anywhere anyway, who needs a good car?

On to page six….Page six


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