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(10)Mobile School… Fancy~Bus~Luxury~Detail


This is what I believe a High School or Junior High School needs to look like.

It is only basic interior materials configured to look and feel comfortable and secure.

There are a lot of images here and I want to get some philosophy in to allow us to bypass the people who like the old fashioned school systems or people who want to just design a new institution they can be the boss of.

So this next one is a night style photo of a limo style bus.


I tend to focus on the kids between sixth grade and 9th grade, or maybe from 11 to 14 years old… so the society has conditioned us to believe or pretend we believe, that if we gave that age group this style of accomodation for their schools, they would not respect it, or they would not respect the teachers, or other adults.

We have been taught, for years, to believe in almost always the exact same stories, about mobility and travel.


This is a Gypsy wagon. This is one of the things people will tell us would happen if students and other people went on the road, like it is “just human nature” to somehow develop the same exact lifestyle, and ethics, and morals, and values, of Gypsies, and obviously it might be hard to trust somebody who is moving all the time, or, who can, if they want to, but there is good chance we can draw from models (schedules) of traveling and learning and entertaining, that will allow excellent learning, and application of what is learned.

Basic idea is people will sometimes not like people who travel when it can be extremely difficult to manage a person who can pack up and leave, and probably survive and thrive better…., without some uptight manager making decisions about every move they make.


This is a bus a guy was converting to a luxury motor coach with the blue lines on the floor being where the counters would be and showing the traffic pattern before the thing was built, the traffic pattern idea is very important, important to allowing people to be comfortable when they are alone, and,when there are other people in the bus.


This is the same bus after the guy finished it up, and this style of luxury and decoration would not look bad in a high school, and it would not hurt the students, and the more comfortable they are the more likely they will be less emotional and stressed, and they will hopefully learn to create a work atmosphere like that for their employees when they become the boss someday, to keep their employees less insecure, emotional, and stressed.

I want to start over again here…, and go over what I have been trying to get acrross.


This is great design for a school, and I have a lot more details to make it correct so we don’t mess this up and have to clean up a big mess later, but we are sitting here with this available, and we can not hardly get to it, when there is something in the way, and I think we need to “economize” by cutting the suspicion and other garbage out, and getting the wheels and engines on the road.


This is a crystal ball, a lot of people would like to think we are a little too smart to believe a fortune teller could look into this thing and tell us what will happen in our future.

I believe industrial and institutional personnel management are a exactly the same thing as a type of crystal ball, with an enormous amonunt of cash forcing us to pretend we believe what they tell us, the future, is going (!) to be.


Now I am going to do a little jump and twist this a bit and it is still the same idea, only I am going to bring in some “sort of weird stuff”…, to try to mention some things I think we are ready to let go of, and sort of ignore, so we can get on with more modern progressive projects.


This is your basic Gypsy fortune teller.


This is Frederick Taylor, the guy who developed a thing called “scientific management.”


Mr.Deming had a great way of teaching people how to manage a company and people.


And this is Mr. Drucker, he was the ultimate guy to manage people in a company.

These three guys were like Fortune Tellers .

Predicting, the furure, and especialy…., “shaping” the future.


This is a stopwatch, it is the modern replacement, for a Crystal Ball.

The stopwatch was how they all made decisions, they put pressure on people, telling them they were behind schedule, telling employees and anybody, that they were acting immature and lazy…. like a teenager, and then they would give you that stupid bullshit about how they loved you, and they believed in you, and they knew you could improve your performance…, if you would “only grow up” and just give something up, some little thing… you liked…., like, your ethics, morals, and values. Little things…, that got in the way of your productivity, and in the way of your “duty” to your country , things like…., your family, kids, friends, and your potential to get away from the middle management, and get a real life of your own.

So I respect these old guys, and agree with a lot of their ideas, but they had an amazing way of taking ideas, that everybody I ever met, already knew when they were ten years old, and making it sound like the old management fanatics dreamed them up, and the rest of us were too stupid to think of them.

Let me show you where some of this came from.

I don’t like to quote other writers or snag peoples stuff too much but this is pretty important to getting this idea across.



I think this was written in 1911, but the idea had started in the 1870s.

This is from Frederick Taylor’s idea about how to get it right…, when apparently the entire American Continent was a bunch of idiots who couldn’t do anyting right without his special methods and disciplines. ( I don’t think the people wree quite that stupid.)

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT, in his address to the Governors at the White House, prophetically remarked that “The conservation of our national resources is only preliminary to the larger question of national efficiency.”

The whole country at once recognized the importance of conserving our material resources and a large movement has been started which will be effective in accomplishing this object.

As yet, however, we have but vaguely appreciated the importance of “the larger question of increasing our national efficiency.”

We can see our forests vanishing, our water-powers going to waste, our soil being carried by floods into the sea; and the end of our coal and our iron is in sight. But our larger wastes of human effort, which go on every day through such of our acts as are blundering, ill-directed; or inefficient, and which Mr. Roosevelt refers to as a lack of “national efficiency,” are less visible, less tangible, and are but vaguely appreciated.

We can see and feel the waste of material things. Awkward, inefficient, or ill-directed movements of men, however, leave nothing visible or tangible behind them. Their appreciation calls for an act of memory, an effort of the imagination. And for this reason, even though our daily loss from this source is greater than from our waste of material things, the one has stirred us deeply, while the other has moved us but little.



It is so CUTE, it is written by somebody who knows how to get you to believe that shit.

The guy was a writer…, not a worker, a master wordsmith spinning the language to tell you basically that the people had allowed Washington way too much room without revolting, and then Washington DC was going to rip them off bigtime, and I really don’t think the people could care less, there were plenty of trees and dirt and iron and everything else and the people damn well knew it, Washington DC wanted some cash, so the people said screw it , whatever they want, just shut those whining brats up! You think Roosevelt had a shortage of water or iron? Not likely.

Back to this bus idea…..I believe that management thing, might have been cool a hundred years ago, but it is also the most likely thinkg, that created major problems with health care and schools, what mean is it ws a changeable thing, a policy decision , a set of rules for a company, not an actt of nature or any real spiritual thing, or anything remotely close to evolution.

Taylor did not like the…,” Awkward – inefficient – and ill directed movements of men.”

Look, asshole, we call that shit freedom under this flag, if you don’t like it, then fuck off.

This bus, is the result of the optimization of awkward, inefficient, and ill directed men.

We don’t want efficient, we wanna go for a ride, dude.



This is a top view of the layout for the interior of the bus and all you gotta do is draw it like a cool classroom for students. Actually, it is a better idea to have the students design it themselves.

Then there is something else…..


This is a high school bathroom, If you want to “manage people” this is what yu need tobuild to keep them off balance and sort of fepulsed at the idea of spendingany time away from the managers, and incessant institutionalized monitoring and supervision.


I like this style better, it is a little more like the way most students I meet would designor build a bathroom sink for themselves or their friends if they had the choice of tools and materials.


This is a new junior high school bathroom and it really is pretty nice but it is still the same old story…., and I think the students could probably go to the bathroom in a room by themselves, without getting in trouble.

Then the bus and motor coach bathrooms.., can also have showers, and you know the kids would like that, the teasing and discomfort from needing or wanting a shower, is dumb, and it is applied as a tool by the administration of a lot schools and by a lot of of teachers and other personnel managers.


This is a basic RV bathroom and it could be improved with more heavy duty equipment and stuff like better faucets and better hinges on the doors.


This is a skylight over a shower in a nice motor coach, imagine how nice that would be to see on your first day of school. Knowing.., that you might get to mellow out and be alone for a few minutes, and get cleaned up and ready for the rest of the day, during the day .

School is going to be intense sometimes, and there is also a theory I heard someplace, that boys pretty much need…, a place like the high school boys bathroom, to do some of the dirty work of society that guys will always need a place for.

But some kids just need to go to the john, or take a shower, and get back to the activity of the day. Boys will always need a sort of “frightening or scary place,”where they need to face up to the rest of the boys, and, have a chance to be the bully or dominant one, but it does not need to be like a rule in architecture…, to make that place…, the high school boy’s bathroom.



So these Recreational Vehicle Interiors are excellent models for new classrooms.



These old style classrooms are looking pretty nice and advanced but the craftsmen and people who really know the trade are not living next door to every school, and I think the craftsmen would like to meet the students, and the students would like to meet the real workers.

High school involves a constant fantasy or imagination of what the working world is like and we are paying an enormous amount of money for a type of “production,” like in a theater, where the teachers try to allow the student to “feel” like they are at work, pressured by a boss or manager in some manufacturing facility.

On the next page I will be starting out with some dramatic and sort of peculiar ideas that will need to be included in any planning, for any school or educational project that will have so much potential detachment and isolation from our normal systems.

The next page is the third page of the bus idea section, and the 11th page, of this site.

There are pages, and posts, so the pages run in order, if you go by the links at the bottom of each page, but they don’t list quite right on the sidebar.

So on to page


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