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March 18, 2007

The FCC, wants you, to shut the hell up.

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I think the reason the big corporations want to stifle the public from talking on radio and TV is so the public will stop talking and get their asses to work.

People love the idea of getting on radio, and changing the world, by talking shit.

But that does not build a car, for a young kid to drive so that young person can get
away from the abuse they get from parents and school teachers.

You say there is a system for a young person to get a car, but that, is a lie.

The young person needs a house, a car, and a job.

The young person needs a house a car and a job, BEFORE, they can prove they can
be trusted.

NOBODY…., is going to trust you, until after, you have the house, car, and job, and then show people, that you will not be a tyrant when you have all that normal stuff.

Telling some child, they need to advertize…., and get on the radio and change the world , before…., they get a house, or a car, or a job, is stupid.

Teaching kids that propaganda is more important than carpentry is abuse.

That means…, that is is proper, to improve your skills,not improve your propaganda.

Learning to “put a spin”, on your lazy behavior, does not make that behavior more valuable.

The FCC does not want to run the show, I seriously don’t think they want to try it by controling the goofy assed bandwidth.

I think they want a smoothly run operation that does not put them in the position to need to do things that are simply impossible with a radio or television.

You have freedom of speech, but you never say….”I’m hiring”.


March 4, 2007

You can build your car.

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This is the type of look that will sell your car.

People like shiny stuff.


Then the idea is to make this style of fiberglass.

From scratch. Mostly that means getting good at building fiberglass molds.


Then…., this pipe frame is what supports the fiberglass body, so that same frame can easily hold almost any other body…., or body style.

There is no real rule….., that cars need to look old fashioned, you can make the frame to look almost like this one, and then put a super nice body on it.


The way to sell the idea to your friends…, is to know, that they like…., safety… and really the money to build a car, is not always as expensive as all the safety equipment you need to keep everybody from asking endless questions about if you are being safe about how you are going about building it.

( they think it is a law to support the “economy” the way it is. It is not a law.)

I don’t think they care about safety at all, I think they believe they look important when they ask endless questions about it.

If they wanted safer cars, or safer anything, they wouldn’t support the road corridor mess we have going today.

I don’t think people want to support the “car – and – highway” industry the way it is.

I believe the people who first built the system wanted, and intended, for average citizens to build their own cars and improve the designs of the highways, and then the endless chocolate, TV, and sugar in our consumer sociey makes it so nobody wants to spend the few hours it takes to design a car.

This vice and cutter below is what it takes to begin to build a spaceframe, alomost anybody could learn to engineer a design, measure the materials and cut the pipe, then it needs to be welded, then rustproofed and painted.

This is not the type of skill that requires a lot of training or education, the concept of education mostly makes thestudents get the idea that the guy who is really good at designing cars needs to not be disrupted, and the students need tolearn thtsome people are simply better at thejob andneed to be allowed the protection to do that job.

The fantsy or myth that industrial training methods, can make just any idiot into an engineer is a damn expensive thing to pretend. You need to try it, and work with it to learn exactly what parts of the job you are good at and then mostly have the CHOICE to do thse parts, and then you will be smart, to take onsa few projects that you are not so good at.

Mot people, allowed the choice, will make money by doing what they are good at, while always working on learning something they are not sogood at, they do not need anybody forcing them to do parts of a job they are not good at.


It can be a dangerous job, and there is some technique to it, especially depending on if the guy you are working with has the problem about wantingto talk about it all the time.

Some guys just never stop telling you about how they can do a better job.

They need to find a hobby.

They want to take credit for the job, and they can be real freaks to be around.

They will spend more time trying to take credit for your work, than they do working themselves.

After a while people catch on, that you are working, and the fat guy with the cool sunglasses is screwing around all day…., and the only reason he is sweating…, is that he is fat, and petrified, that you might kick his ass…, when he is definately earning it.

So the people catch on, and then our little fat buddy, needs to do something perverted and corrupt to keep his job.

Sabotage and subterfuge.

The kid really needed to do “something cool” when he was 10 or 12 years old, so he did something stupid, probably with money, almost never with work, then one thing led to another and then he grew up and got a Dodge Neon , and it is a geek car , but he makes up for it, by claiming it has a great stereo.

Then he gets a “contractors license” and a hard hat and some Carhartt pants, and decides to wear a scarf on his neck and decorate himself with sheetrock dust, then he gets to have a 40 thousand dollar pick up and hesitate a few seconds before he turns on his turn signals when he is in traffic.

The problem is , he needs to go back to that point where he messed up when he was 10 or 12 years old, and get over that garbage.

That means, that I was cool and working my ass off back then…., and he was a little fat geek, then he stole or borrowed come cash, got a boom box, and some cool tapes, a couple fancy shirts, and decided to be the “hip – hop disco fat kid”.

Then when people would catch on, the guy was just screwing around, and then they would put some pressure on him…, and he would get into the sabotage and subterfuge thing.

Back in high school they wouldn’t let him get away with it, but we all knew what that guy would be like when he got around people who didn’t know about how he was.

March 3, 2007

Mozilla is off for the day trying opera

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Funny how some things force you to learn new things, so today I am learning Opera when Ie and Mozilla can’t get here from there .

December 26, 2006

The competition sucks

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So I have this project – lifestyle – business thing and it is very secure but I am surrounded by people who insist on challenging the concept of the project, when they want the visual indicators of success, like a roll bar and auxiliary lights on my pickup, they want to see that I have a great stereo, and fancy clothes , or they will not believe my project is working and has in fact been working for a decade.

Like when I was a kid, working on my snowmachine in my dad’s garage, I would finally get the thing running and then I would go riding, but the other kids would never see that, when the proof , that it was running great, was the tracks I made when I was riding it, you could easily tell how good a guy’s snowmachine was running by seeing his tracks going up a hill, if he had to turn around and go back down the hill ,without going all the way to the top, then the machine was not running very well.

It might look good, it might sound good, but the tracks told the story.

My friends would never come out and look at the tracks, so they never had to respect the fact that the machine was running like a top, then, they never had good snowmachines, the reason they never had good snowmachines, was that their dads would be told not to let their kids have a snowmachine if the kids did not have the guts and maturity to go out and look at my tracks, so I was like the test in my community before the other kids got snowmachines, if you couldn’t hang out with TJ, and couldn’t get some experience riding with me, then you had no business riding a hot fast snow machine.

I did not make that rule, I just made a lot of tracks and mostly my attitude was based on the fact that I hated to get stuck on a sowmachine and I hated working on them so I tried to not get stuck and I tried to take care of the machine, so it would not break down, that means, and this is the important part, that means, that I was not being competitive with the other kids my age, it means I did not want to get stuck or break down.

The mistake the other kids made, was that they were putting their energy into being competitive with me, and all they got was the privilege of sitting at home watching TV with the babysitter, while their Dads and Moms were out riding snowmachines with me and my more mature friends who had snowmachines.

Same thing with my business, if you are competitive with me, then you are wasting your time, your energy needs to go into providing a useful product or service for the community and not into a marketing campaign to make me look like an idiot, when basically, that, will be the tracks you leave behind. Your tracks will show…., you are not serving customers, you are only spending cash bad mouthing people who are too busy serving customers to pay any attention to you.

The parents were all really weird and pretty stupid when I was young.

Our society and culture was not ready for 10 year olds, who could go 60 miles per hour all day, and also understand and repair the machines that allowed that reality.

The parents were thinking they were pretty cool for going forty miles per hour in a car, and never being able to fix anything. Like very slow rich people, showing off their paint job, and then standing around like idiots, proving they could get a lower species to work under the hood of their car.

That is not immaturity talking, that is my adult opinion.

The parents of most of my friends had this ludicrous idea of making a deal or negotiating with their kids, they would want to trade, they would ask the kid to do some really hard work, or possibly borderline sick or criminal behavior, before they would buy their kid a snow machine.

That was a really bad idea. The kids would want to work, but not do really nasty or sick stuff just to get a snowmachine.

I never had to do anything sick or gross to get my snowmachine.

It was a clean thing, the snow was clean, the air was clean, the machine and my snowsuit and helmet were clean, my attitude was clean, and I was never ashamed or embarrassed, and I never had to slow down, or dodge anything, with that machine, to keep a secret about anything.

There were no secrets, there was nothing I needed to not talk about.

Later on, the big secret, was, that none of my friends ever developed the maturity to get a snowmachine or anything else.

Nobody would let them do anything or trust them when they would “tell on me” and they would “tattle” but they would not, avoid getting stuck, and they would not, take good care of their snowmachines.

I guess, that when I was young it was really cool for a parent to get a little credit and cash and then they would find some guy who wanted something like a stereo or a car, and then they could tell the guy to do some really sick twisted behavior, and then they would pay them for that.

Like if you wanted a stereo, you had to go have sex with a certain person, then the rich person would give you the money for the stereo and then you could pay them back in small installments.

At the top of this page I start out with the idea that my friends want to see me have a rollbar and auxiliary lights for my pickup , and a cool stereo, that sort of tells them I must have had sex with some horrible woman I would never touch , or maybe a guy or maybe something. No, I don’t get into that. Screw it, I leave my truck plain and boring.

So I think the competition is off track and out of line, it is not going to get results.

The competition, is mostly between kids who couldn’t control their impulse to “tell” and “tattle”on kids like me when we would go out and ride snowmachines.

They grew up,they are in their 40s, and they made a career of “telling” on each other.

I was riding, they were sitting with a babysitter, the babysitter would reward them for tattling, so the babysitter could “manage” the kids.

I learned to get my rewards from riding, they learned to get their rewards from tattling.

Eventually they outnumbered me, that does not make them equal or superior to me, that just means they have a lot more people acting stupid around them so they fit right in and they can all be stupid at the same time, and look like they are part of the majority of humanity.

They are the majority, but their activity is sick and borderline criminal.

In high school they told us this would probably last for five or six years after we got out of high school, They said the spoiled brats and wimps would get the good jobs and management positions first and the mature guyd would need to wait it out until the employers figured out that the idiots wee idiots, their work and the tracks they left behind would tell the story.

But it did not only last five or six years it has been 22 years from the time we got out of high school and the freaks and geeks are the hot new item if you can get one to manage your business.

If you can not get people’s attention with finesse and grace with your sowmachine riding skills, one way to get their attention, is to take the muffler off your machine and it will be really loud, then there will be an economy that will form , when everybody will be tattling and fighting about muffler laws.

Then you make money to pay the babysitter to manage your kids so you do not need to develop grace or finesse with that job either.

Same thing with a guitar, when you suck at playing guitar, you just turn it up louder and suddenly your friends think you are Jimmy Hendriks.

High quality product and service has been positioned, by certain middle managers, in a location, where it is forced to be diametrically opposed to tattling, yelling, freaking out, emotional diatribes, neurosis, and information sharing.

When your head is above water, you have a fifty fifty chance of geting your shit together.

But when your head is below water you can work your ass off all day, and you are never going to get anywhere.

Some middle managers, are drowning, or at least dunking our culture.

The only skill they ever developed was watching TV and tattling on somebody, anybody, to keep the babysitter satiated.

Basically, after over 20 years of this, the entire project is a wash.

It has taken these people until they are 40 years old to get to the point I was at when I was 13 years old, and they think they invented it.

I know what comes next in most of the scenarios, and also what comes after that, but they don’t know, so they act like it is the biggest risk in the world.

This feels like being healthy and sober and ready to work in the morning and the entire  rest of the damn country is all hung over and sleeping in and they will jump out of bed and beat the hell out of me if I turn on a radio or make any noise or suggest they possibly get up and get outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

They are making a career of trying to get me busted by the cops , for something, so they can screw off and watch TV and screw around with their computers.

If I had a snowmachine today, I would get about a mile, the first time I rode it, before some idiot would call the police, and report me for going outside and doing something totally normal.

Going outside and working and playing is what balances me.

My friends are in their 40s and they don’t want me balanced, they want me unbalanced, and disturbed, and paranoid, and hysterical, like they are.

I made an extraordinary effort to “get away from that crowd” when I was young.

My busines is pretty awesome I suppose from looking at it from theoutside, sort of like how the kids who did not have snowmachines , imagined things were for me when I had a machine.

I have a place, and the people who don’t have a place IMAGINE that I would do the same deviant and criminal behaviors they would if they had a place, that is why they don’t have a place is that they would in fact be deviant and criminal.

Then the banks started giving the freaks and geeks credit to start businesses and they did get into the deviant and criminal stuff and our society seriusly suffered.

I will get on to another page, I get tired of talking about this.

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