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February 18, 2007

If the Tyrant is Defeated…..You got a plan?

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A lot of my stuff is simply repeating what a lot of workers would say while having a couple cocktails after work…, and wondering if they could get lucky and somehow slide past the always increasing numbers of people at work, who wanted to bait and switch, acting like they were cool at first, and then simply speeding up the activity of diminishing returns, until they could get something…., like a new TV, and then bolt, and go work for another company.

The drunks and addicts were young back then, ( 80s) but at least they had an excuse, the sober and alert people, were just as destructive to the companies and community but people were desperately trying to avoid admitting that their beautiful healthy teenagers were totally useless idiots. They looked so incredibly good…., how could they possibly…, be so incredibly selfish, and deviant?

People had chosen to have the look, ( youth, good looking, pretty) before the integrity, so then they believed the integrity would be obvious at some point, as a choice, but then that choice was available , but then it was blocked and people started getting mental when winning was available but blocked by people amplifying the results of stupidity with technology.

Nobody is going to give anybody with new technology anything very important to work with, they will give them something stupid to practice with, problem is, they were amplifying and speeding up the pace of the results of stupid ideas, and that took up all the space required for communication and a transfer of energy to have success.

Yeah…., I repeat myself a lot, but it is peculiar that not a lot of people want to get on with doing something else. It is a strictly intellectual choice to ignore the technology and management that slows us down, and get to work on simple projects that can lead to a lifetime of peaceful routines and challenges we can actually accomplish.

It is not hopeless, it is just exhausting listening to endless excuses for not taking action to serve a market that is standing on your porch and couldn’t get any clearer about what they need and want. It can almost make my nervous system have a seizure when some freak with two years of psychology in some half assed college wants to interrogate my customers and analyze them to discover their real motivation for wanting to spend money buying things at a store.

The motivation? Is to participate in an economy, so we can protect ourselves from idiot psychologists who want to sell data and statistics about us…, so they dont have to work for a living.

So then we take a trip back to the combined ideas of the workforce in the late 80s and see what they were talking about that was mostly about the industrial revolution and how that was great but had some problems that were getting to be on a level that was so low it was getting a little sick watching the managers “getting off” on managing the workers.


The social and business models come from things like nautical traditions and trains and then they get too predictable after a couple of generations of the boss or owner turning over the company to the managers, and then people act surprised that the company has problems, and the community and entire region has problems, and the solution its to allow…., a young owner of a modern progressive business who wants to keep his business open for 30 years…, a position of rank and status at the same level as the former leader without needing to spend a couple decades earning that position.

( no war, no politics, no prerequisite, just get on with the day)

To get that done, the community people need to first hear about it before it happens, but not too long before it happens, and then stop anybody who wants the new guy to prove himself by jumping a hoop to impress anybody, the person who would be impressed would actually jump to a higher rank and status for no other reason, except that they suggested the new guy needed to prove himself by jumping a hoop.

That is a bluff of management, to come out of the mist and clouds and suggest a challenge for a superior person, and then achieve dominance over that superior person, ( no transfer of energy, no work getting done), and then people shuffle home with no hope and no anything, but one more manager…., who invented a hoop to jump, gets a house and a car.

Pretty slow way of advancing a civilization, when millions of people are stopped in their tracks…, so one geek who can’t work, can get a house and a car, by simply suggesting a superior person meets the challenge of the inferior person’s choice. ( people only allow it, to prove it does not work)

The problems are a result of predictability, the boss would never allow his business to be too predictable, but the managers will systematically make the company more and more predictable, ( providing sensitive information that will only be processed in an atmosphere of gossip and social pressure style treachery) to the point that almost any person can predict the next likely move, and ambush the company and stop progress.

Then the part where people act surprised that the company is struggling is only an act that is like a tradition that has been passed down, like singing songs on a ship. It is part of the language of ships, or trains.

Pretending we are so shocked or surprised when some wimpy ( new) geek manager bankrupts the company and makes everybody miserable is mostly a type of cynical way, of avoiding…, having the boss put us in charge, if the boss is not smart enough to choose better people.

We don’t want to be chosen for leadership by a manager who consistently chooses the worst leaders. We avoid any association with a group of losers.

There are elements we forget, at this point, promotion is the part we have put in the section that we forget, or ignore, when it is too predictable.

Promoting another person to a better position is a natural activity that most people learn at a young age, but that activity is a growth style activity that requires time, when a young person is developing peaceful methods to avoid conflict as a young adult, that activity is disrupted by our policy and decision makers in the education institutions as a result of the, modern, but extremely sloppy banking and insurance methods that keep all their customers in debt and constant budget problems.

The policy and decision makers are not the boss that started the company, they are third, or fifth, or ninth generation managers, and they have no idea of why the company was started in the first place, or what purpose it was intended to serve.

From the time they were six years old they have not been outside a building and they have never had contact with a real customer, then they get an office and they simply bluff, and pretend there certainly must be something important about all that, so they perpetuate it, but it is all bluff and illusion.

They are safer, sometimes, in a position of leadership when nobody will ever do what they say anyway, and nobody takes them seriously. Then it is not that manager we are worried about it is the ambitious person who wants to get close to them, and apply that power as leverage to avoid work and gain the stimulation of directing the activities of people who are superior.

There is the real work, planned and finished by the respectable, honorable people, and there is the group or crew that wants to play and pretend they can be…., “organized and have a format and a policy that will protect the company and provide motivation for productivity and force the consumers to ignore other products and feel threatened or insecure if they do choose other products.”

So there are the workers, and there are and the freaks who want to dress cute and torment people by threatening them, and punishing them if they do not worship the idiots who are dressed cute like deities with god -like powers.

The solution is to choose a young boss, then support that business and never allow them to need credit or get in debt.

When the business is in debt the owner is simply a manager working for the bank, then after the bank is paid, the owner is going to exhibit behavior that is almost exactly like a thing called PTSD, that is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it started out being called shell shock, but it is the result of not being allowed to take the opportunity to win a battle when the option was obvious.

This means basically you could win the business game, but the bank will not let you make decisions about the people or suppliers or peer groups you would prefer to do business with.

Thebankers and their lawyers, are technically the losers of the species and they will channel and direct business to protect themselves from the reality that they are scavengers and predators.

The banks and insurance companies are like well decorated halfway houses for people who would throw tantrums with their parent’s money and not live more than a week an any real adult lifestyle with that behavior.

This is a tyrant of policy, just paperwork that got going a hundred years ago and it looked harmless back then, it went too far, and too long, and we can not change them by talking to them. All we can do is replace them.

So they can’t be allowed to respond to any threats, but they are extremely weak when they have no concept how to invent or develop any original ideas, or implement those ideas without getting hostile and violent, their system was written in the late 1700s and early 1800s and they will return to that, and stay there, that is where they started and that lifestyle, is exactly where we can leave them.


January 4, 2007

Immigration, and what I find, on my computer

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This is somebody’s very nice lawn area, with the sprinklers on jazzing up the view.


I spent a lot of time mowing lawns and doing yardwork, I liked it, when I could look behind me and see that I had got some work done and accompished something that day.

It never seemed to hurt anybody or trigger any real hostility except jealousy, and a lot of people around my neighborhood, wanting to “slow me down”, who did not want to get a competition going, to see who could have a nice yard.

This…, is not my yard, but it is a nice photo of a good one somewhere. Somebody worked on this, really, it probably did not just “grow like that.”


So then they need a sprinkler system to keep the lawn looking nice, so they need to dig some ditches for the pipes to carry the water.


This guy looks pretty cool, a basic guy, starting to build a ditch for some reason, and going by the lawn, I would guess it would be for a sprinkler.

The problem is that that machine costs about as much as a used car, and nobody will pay a living wage to have a guy run one.

So they can dig the ditches cheaper and faster with immigrants.


So does this guy LOOK like an illegal immigrant or WHAT?

Dude looks like he’s up to something sneaky to me.



So what would our buddy, Sherlock Holmes, say about this photo?

First, notice that the grass under the sign has not been mowed.

There are also no bullet holes in the sign, that is obviously, not. an American sign.

So if you shot the sign… the bullet could hit the electric transformer on the pole behind it and wipe out the lights of the entire town. Then they might make you go out and mow all that damn grass and weeds working “community service…..”

This is what they are not supposed to run away from, this is a slum in Mexico.

They apparently have, other stuff, in Mexico too…..


That sky, looks like the same sky over my house……

Then, check this kid out……


Notice, matching track suit, all the way the cool stuff.

And it is clean, and the kid’s hair is clean, and his broom is even custom sized for him, and he has good work shoes on.

The place sucks, and the sky is dark from smog. I think the stuff, piled all over, is like for trade and barter, and then any cash, would go for stuff like the kid’s clothes and shoes and water and soap and stuff like that.

Might sound stupid but it really looks like they need to just print up some cash, and get a society going .


Let me tell you something…. I punch in Mexico City, and the damn computer gives me a photo of a freeway, I said CITY……. NOT ROAD.

If I wanted road, I would have said road.

No shit, they got a road? In mexico?

How the hell you think the Catholics stole all the gold from them 400 years ago,? They took the road, man there has always…, been a road, in mexico.




This guy either wants out of Mexico or into America.

This guy is dressed for exposure, that means living outside, and the problem is that when you are outside all the time, you gotta take care of your feet, like change your socks about three times a day, this is some rough living for damn sure.

And he is running, from a place like this……


This is another beach in Mexico.


I have no idea who the guys are, but I do know that they are something I think is like a disease in our fine country of america.

These are MANAGERS.

These are the guys who would never promote me.

These are our champions, the guys who go to colleges and get the great jobs and get to go on Vacation in Mexico.

If these assholes showed up in my country, I would want to run away too……

From Battleship to Cinderella and strait on till morning

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This is Battleship, it was a very popular game, it was fun and cool and easy and when it said it was fun for people from eight years old, to adults, they were not kidding, it really was fun, for anybody who had the patience to even try the game.


Notice…, the “guys” are playing, while the girls are doing dishes…..

And that little girl was a good girl, and she would grow up, and fall totally head over heels in love with THESE GUYS…….


December 28, 2006

Into the political thing last autumn, fit it in one page……

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Do they still do that *voting thing* in this country?

No way…. They are still trying to pretend that might work?

The way I get it….. is the politicians get donations from companies that can’t make a popular useful product…. so the pathetic failing companies pay the politicians to protect their company, so the companies can pretend they have a popular product.

There is no real war, in the middle east, believe me, you would know it if there was one, what we have…, is just a bunch of vandals posing as terrorists with some cash, in some far away desert. The bad guys really do hurt people, but it is strictly our choice, to go play their stupid game.

So if we remove the war from the mix, and then remove the old outdated idea of people actually voting…. Then we apparently need to either join a failing company and pay the politicians to decorate it pretty, or, join a real company, and ignore everybody and make a real useful and popular product.

It is all about creating a useful product or service for the community in a reasonable amount of time, if the product is not available *in time*, the bad guys and scavengers and predators can catch up with us and they are only skilled at extortion, bribery, and blackmail…., they are amateurs.

If a company needs Washington to protect it, then they are allowing the scavengers and amateurs to catch up…, and wipe out the credibility of the functional adults who could easily provide products in a reasonable time.

This is called *shut up and pass the ammo*. We have customers not units.

In less than three hundred words I have made more sense than the entire Republican party has in the last ten years combined.

Eventually, that will come down to one single word, the word….. NO!

America is not only a land mass, it is where people agree to work with a President, OUR Constitution, and the living documents that allow people to create a useful product or service in a reasonable amount of time.

That flag could leave this land mass and go up anywhere it was welcome, and our flag is welcome all over the world. Not as a result of our tanks and swat teams, as a result of how much time we spend not needing tanks and swat teams.

For a short time we will agree to VOTE for the administrators of this asylum but mostly to prove to the amateurs and scavengers that their methods will create a mess. We need to vote for… speed…. not equilibrium and balance.

Another one, about the same idea, toward independence

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How much does an honest, (effective), politician cost?

Are they just, more expensive, than the types we are getting?

This is sort of like….we want fresh vegetables, and all we can get are the frozen kind. (There is a glitch, somewhere.)

Like wanting good tires, and the industry seems to have forgotten how to make the things.
You ever try to explain, what really good stereo speakers are, to a guy who wants to sell you bookshelf speakers? (spooky)

Some guy said when the democrats took the day , that was a “thumping”.

No, it was more like the Democrats mugged a drunk in a dark creepy alley.

The only way I can think this will work, is if ,and when, we change what we are asking for, and we gotta ask for some really advanced stuff.

I’m not trying to lead, I just like hanging out with people who like very high quality stuff.

I think this means we are going to need to write the documents ourselves and stop this “dependency thing” we have going with the channels of the system.

We need to learn contract law. Then write the business contracts ourselves.

Like writing your own health care contracts, and banking and credit rules, and tax forms, and insurance contracts.

They are handing us a country, that is at about the reading level of a 12 year old.

They are giving us, about what we are asking for.

I think we need to start getting ahead of them, like I did with my parents when I was about fifteen, and I could stay out and gone for three or four days on my motorcycle, my parents were forced to ADMIT that I was growing up, and I needed to be treated like a more mature person, or it could get damn expensive for my parents.

Like this, tell them to forget Iraq , tell them we want South Africa, and Turkey, and India, and then we want to terra – form Mars, and get it done in eight years. Tell them to get off their ass, or we might just do it ourselves and then move and they can have their old worn out hull of a country. Let Mexico and Canada have this old flop house, we know how to build America.


This little article just hits some high points

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How much does an honest politician cost?

The hardest questions, sometimes lead to the types of solutions that make things really simple, and less expensive, when we stop taking it all so seriously.

How much would we pay, to get a politician we can understand?

The lobby thing is like the biggest joke we ever heard of.

The idea of meeting the senator on his / her/ its, way to work, walking outside and standing in some snow bank, and that is where they/ it, are really doing the business/it, of the country/it.

In high school they tell us to learn to write a bill, that might become a law, but nobody will show you how to write a bill.

Try it, ask somebody, “how do I write a bill?”

They will take the information hostage, and hold it for ransom.

They went to American schools, if you don’t know something , get a half million dollars, and go to college for a decade or so, and after it is over , then apply your social algebra skills ( MBA)/it, to trick some stupid idiot into showing you how to write a bill, a document that might, make it to Washington DC.

If you want a law, write one.

Tricking somebody, is cool, being honest, is not so easy to gamble with, or bet on.

The entire internet, is like a gambling addiction. Politics , sports, getting your kids to look cute, its all gambling.

I bet they won’t nuke us. I bet the teenagers are fine. I bet the sports guys are making their own steroids. I bet the blogs will not replace the media.

Bet , bet , bet, but the honest guys, would really freak us out, if we got, them. The honest guys would be the ultimate toy for us Americans.

Seriously, what would most people do, if suddenly they were surrounded with about seven hundred totally honest, rich , and totally sober, healthy politicians?

I mean this…(political anything)  is like driving in a construction zone and then, what if we hit new pavement, and it got so… quiet and smooth…., and we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.

Like that really weird sound when your girlfriend finally stops bitching……..

I think Washington DC is like a room we are not allowed in, and they got a tape deck, and they play sound effects of “construction noises “ all day and then send out the person who is mostly sober that day, to be interviewed, and they tell us….. “they changed the world, just the right amount.”

So I think the “corruption thing” is a luxury, and a leisure time activity based on our idea that it is a lot easier to gamble, than it is to come up with new ideas to actually build solar panels or hydrogen engines in our home shop or garage.

I don’t think there will be a “hydrogen engine industry,” I think they will give you the blueprints, for free,  and you can either build it yourself, or walk.

Then when some corrupt guy shows up, we get in our rocket cars and we are out of the territory in seconds, the corrupt guys would need to think really hard about finding us. They show up? We spend the night in Japan or South America, until they get the point.

That is what America is about, the idea, that when some idiot shows up, and thinks we need them, to manage us, we can always leave, and take care of ourselves.

But the “hot new cool thing”, is to trick people, or “create the illusion of drama and crisis,” and then get everybody in a herd and then manage them.

Proving you can do that, is proof that you can lie, and that you have friends or supporters who will reward you for being a liar.

That is the first element of a class system, eventually the worst thing you will ever want to put on a resume, is that you managed people.

The gambling thing is sort of diametrically opposed to the “stand by me” (movie), story, of kids, (young adults), bonding in their first real adult productive and useful alliances, and it is also like, betting, is opposed to the special forces military guy’s, idea, of “never leave your buddy in the field.”

Like: “I bet my buddy will make it back without my help.”

You need those bonds and friendships, no matter what your flag, language or currency is today, your rehearsal, and practice time you have spent, and continued practice being loyal to your relationships, will be the skill that replaces anything you lose.

If your school, or job, or government, is corrupt, they will want you to be corrupt to me.

My suggestion, is , from experience I know, that in high school ,the jocks and cheerleaders were the cool ones, until there was a dance.

Then in a dance, the real leaders were independent, they did not  need a herd to hide in, or lines drawn on the floor, or whistles, or a ref, or a coach, or anything. Instincts and impulses took over, and the real champions would emerge, to correct for the mistakes the “leaders” had made.

Sports were a toy, the dances were a lot closer to real life.

If you were slow dancing and some idiot in a striped shirt showed up with a whistle to manage you, he might not like the Lear Jet ride to the intensive care unit.

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