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March 18, 2007

One customer – access – control – button, at a time…

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This guy, ….. way happy boy, can’t wait to tell the local cops if you have a gun or camera in your car.

His job is to collect information, he will relay to militant assholes in your town, so the KKK can keep the niggers out.

You think this guy liked helping indians, or mexicans?

Not a chance in hell.

Fat people didn’t get good service either.

If you had a zit the guy would ignore you.


So something had to be done…..

People needed some variety, they could not let the gas station guy…, decide who gets Gasoline or Diesel or not.


A button like this is located at almost everygas station, so any customer or kid can shut off the pumps if there is an emergency.

You do not need a military style hat, to know what an emergency looks like.


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