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March 18, 2007

The FCC, wants you, to shut the hell up.

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I think the reason the big corporations want to stifle the public from talking on radio and TV is so the public will stop talking and get their asses to work.

People love the idea of getting on radio, and changing the world, by talking shit.

But that does not build a car, for a young kid to drive so that young person can get
away from the abuse they get from parents and school teachers.

You say there is a system for a young person to get a car, but that, is a lie.

The young person needs a house, a car, and a job.

The young person needs a house a car and a job, BEFORE, they can prove they can
be trusted.

NOBODY…., is going to trust you, until after, you have the house, car, and job, and then show people, that you will not be a tyrant when you have all that normal stuff.

Telling some child, they need to advertize…., and get on the radio and change the world , before…., they get a house, or a car, or a job, is stupid.

Teaching kids that propaganda is more important than carpentry is abuse.

That means…, that is is proper, to improve your skills,not improve your propaganda.

Learning to “put a spin”, on your lazy behavior, does not make that behavior more valuable.

The FCC does not want to run the show, I seriously don’t think they want to try it by controling the goofy assed bandwidth.

I think they want a smoothly run operation that does not put them in the position to need to do things that are simply impossible with a radio or television.

You have freedom of speech, but you never say….”I’m hiring”.


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