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December 24, 2006

Index – Navigation page ….I think

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I think…. I want this site to be read, in the order I wrote it.
There are pages, and posts, and the posts are not all hooked together.
The sort of …..” floating posts” are scattered, linked, and, in the sidebar.

The pages are linked in order.

This place will eventually have a regular post page, and then we might get into some discussions and what people normally do around blogs.


  • More real subjects
  • This is a long list of unrelated posts and rants and ideas that might tend to be shorter than the longer pages of stuff, same ideas, just put different ways.

  • Some Teeg Ideas
  • This is a few political things sort of, and it will lean toward a lot of cynical bad jokes and other stuff that tends to confuse people when they can’t tell if Im serious, or not, I am normally, not really, very, serious.

  • Some Tricky Words
  • I choose some words and give my ideas on them and play around with the language a little like tangent ideas that might be good for something someday

  • Uncategorized
  • This is where things go until I decide what to do with them. Anything could end up in this section if I get in a hurry and forget to choose a category for something.


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