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March 4, 2007

You can build your car.

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This is the type of look that will sell your car.

People like shiny stuff.


Then the idea is to make this style of fiberglass.

From scratch. Mostly that means getting good at building fiberglass molds.


Then…., this pipe frame is what supports the fiberglass body, so that same frame can easily hold almost any other body…., or body style.

There is no real rule….., that cars need to look old fashioned, you can make the frame to look almost like this one, and then put a super nice body on it.


The way to sell the idea to your friends…, is to know, that they like…., safety… and really the money to build a car, is not always as expensive as all the safety equipment you need to keep everybody from asking endless questions about if you are being safe about how you are going about building it.

( they think it is a law to support the “economy” the way it is. It is not a law.)

I don’t think they care about safety at all, I think they believe they look important when they ask endless questions about it.

If they wanted safer cars, or safer anything, they wouldn’t support the road corridor mess we have going today.

I don’t think people want to support the “car – and – highway” industry the way it is.

I believe the people who first built the system wanted, and intended, for average citizens to build their own cars and improve the designs of the highways, and then the endless chocolate, TV, and sugar in our consumer sociey makes it so nobody wants to spend the few hours it takes to design a car.

This vice and cutter below is what it takes to begin to build a spaceframe, alomost anybody could learn to engineer a design, measure the materials and cut the pipe, then it needs to be welded, then rustproofed and painted.

This is not the type of skill that requires a lot of training or education, the concept of education mostly makes thestudents get the idea that the guy who is really good at designing cars needs to not be disrupted, and the students need tolearn thtsome people are simply better at thejob andneed to be allowed the protection to do that job.

The fantsy or myth that industrial training methods, can make just any idiot into an engineer is a damn expensive thing to pretend. You need to try it, and work with it to learn exactly what parts of the job you are good at and then mostly have the CHOICE to do thse parts, and then you will be smart, to take onsa few projects that you are not so good at.

Mot people, allowed the choice, will make money by doing what they are good at, while always working on learning something they are not sogood at, they do not need anybody forcing them to do parts of a job they are not good at.


It can be a dangerous job, and there is some technique to it, especially depending on if the guy you are working with has the problem about wantingto talk about it all the time.

Some guys just never stop telling you about how they can do a better job.

They need to find a hobby.

They want to take credit for the job, and they can be real freaks to be around.

They will spend more time trying to take credit for your work, than they do working themselves.

After a while people catch on, that you are working, and the fat guy with the cool sunglasses is screwing around all day…., and the only reason he is sweating…, is that he is fat, and petrified, that you might kick his ass…, when he is definately earning it.

So the people catch on, and then our little fat buddy, needs to do something perverted and corrupt to keep his job.

Sabotage and subterfuge.

The kid really needed to do “something cool” when he was 10 or 12 years old, so he did something stupid, probably with money, almost never with work, then one thing led to another and then he grew up and got a Dodge Neon , and it is a geek car , but he makes up for it, by claiming it has a great stereo.

Then he gets a “contractors license” and a hard hat and some Carhartt pants, and decides to wear a scarf on his neck and decorate himself with sheetrock dust, then he gets to have a 40 thousand dollar pick up and hesitate a few seconds before he turns on his turn signals when he is in traffic.

The problem is , he needs to go back to that point where he messed up when he was 10 or 12 years old, and get over that garbage.

That means, that I was cool and working my ass off back then…., and he was a little fat geek, then he stole or borrowed come cash, got a boom box, and some cool tapes, a couple fancy shirts, and decided to be the “hip – hop disco fat kid”.

Then when people would catch on, the guy was just screwing around, and then they would put some pressure on him…, and he would get into the sabotage and subterfuge thing.

Back in high school they wouldn’t let him get away with it, but we all knew what that guy would be like when he got around people who didn’t know about how he was.


January 10, 2007

A math problem…., that can be fixed.

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This is a start grid for a city plan. The lines will become streets, and the numbers will become addresses.

So the plan is too stuck being the way it is, and it can be changed.

You build the same junk year after year…, and people figure out how to “work it” or take advantage of it, and only a certain type of person will be successful there.


This grid will be placed, and sort of “forced” onto a piece of land and it will not, fit, or conform to the land, it will mostly make the place a grid, and a way to make people easier to force to do things they would not always do in that terrain or location if they had the choice.



This is a “VISION” of a city, done as a painting in the Late 1800s.

Notice the old cars, they didn’t even have cars back then.

The idea of having awesome efficient cities is great, but the city plan, the grid. the survey, and the map, they start with, is not correct.

Almost any city will begin with that exact same engineering , the same math, the same.. really old outdated idea of the Nobility, versus the Peasants,  and whatever is built on top of that grid, will feel the same, with the same types of people controlling it.

That means , sort of…, the people who will kiss the nobilitie’s ass, and turn on you in a heartbeat, then…, they will still live close to you looking for their next chance to do it again.

They will feed…on your inability to move around like you want to, in the city grid plan.

This is pathology,the potential pathway of the money spending unit in a concrete ditch.

January 1, 2007


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December 31, 2006

Some diagrams I think are cool

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Car Drawings

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