Blog Vocabulary

December 23, 2006


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I have seen a few blogs…, and the topics I like, are not always really popular, so I am lining out some of the words I like to work with, to talk about philosophy and history and engineering and business and, maybe, even politics.

Not so much politics, I think some of us, want to work with projects where we might make some progress and achieve some measurable accomplishment.

Politics can be a nice guessing game, but I’m not always into guessing all the time.

The motion begins a little slow on this location and I will get around to making it move a bit faster as the idea develops.

I wrote pages, with links at the bottom…,

Beginning, with a page called “Some words, to look up and study, again.”

That is where to start, and you can post anyplace you feel like it, and obviously I’m into it so I will be reading them and hoping others read them too.

I post my opinions and ideas on some blogs, and sometimes people are curious, or maybe confused, about what exactly I’m talking about, and this site might explain it a little.


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