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February 27, 2007

Militarism is only a bad habit, not a philosophy.

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The popularity of militarism is about, the activity of militarism being so easy and simple that the most ignorant people can feel important, without working at all.

The preparation and technique, to be successful, in a place where militarism is the best selling product, is only…, the extremely bad habit of disrupting a person who is not bothering anybody else.

So that means that bothering other people, is mandatory, in militarism.

When preparation and technique, to achieve success, security, and a surplus are based on maximizing a bad habit, it is not a problem getting millions of people involved.

Selling something that is a bad habit is always faster than selling something that requires skill and self discipline.

Militarism puts discipline in a written policy that is enforced by a personnel manager, to allow any blame to be placed on psychology, not honesty or integrity or experience.

It its not the accomplishment rendered that is measured, it is the body language and verbal response or reaction or reflex, of the customer or consumer that is measured.

That means they get off on making you move around.

We are told in elementary school and high school that any alternative to militarism is going to involve living in very primitive conditions like lost tribes in a jungle or 12th century Europe.

Real research and development is always civilian then it goes to the military for testing then it is released to the civilians again after the products modified to never allow the citizen to have more progress than the mentally ill militarist can keep up with at their slow pace.

The pace of the militarist is slowed down…, when they are not honest, so a greater part of their energy is required to protect themselves from all the people who want to correct for the imbalance the militarist has created.

Civilians never want to quantify or measure the bad habit of militarism, but militarism will spend all day collecting data and statistics about civilians, civilians can work and do something useful, and militarism is only a source of stimulation.


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