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March 16, 2007

drafting culture

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People get nervous in Alaska…., until they figure it out.

The basic idea is we have some church ladies that really have nothing to do with a church, but they look and act like church ladies, the local men, who run the show, know what you fear the most, and that is a church lady.

In the lower 48 nobody can get past a church lady, that is because they normally can’t go very far from home, so they get a lot of power in their neighborhood and they will decide who has sex with who, and what girls are too pretty, and what boys are too skilled.

Church ladies like playing GOD so they decide that the boys, who have too many skills, need to be more humble.,. And they decide that the girls who are too pretty and healthy, are the wrong types of girls, so the pretty girls need to be humble, and suffering too. ( suffering and stupid and submissive, like the church ladies ignorant brats.)

So the church lady will put idiot dumb kids in charge and let the smart and healthy ones suffer and work a lot harder, and that makes the healthy and smart ones so exhausted they can’t get any work done, and then the healthy young people grow up learning to doubt themselves and feel neurotic and want to fight.

Technically the church ladies are taking orders from psychotic freaks who went to the military to learn their methods.

When a man, who is a leader in society, wants to screw off all the time, he can get his uptight paranoid wife to run around and gossip and torment the hell out of all the kids and young people. ( school volunteer, organizer lady.)

Then the kids grow up so paranoid and insecure they will not stop Grandpa from fishing and hunting and supervising construction projects that will Always go overbudget and take three times as long to finish as the architect intended.

When the church lady wants you to PROVE you are going to heaven after you die, before you make a living wage, that bitch needs a hobby.


The first rule is learn to ignore dog teams, then ignore log cabins, and the, oil ,and fishing industries.

If you will enjoy Alaska, it will happen by getting out of your car and walking.

That means figure out some way to walk, alone  where no church lady can see you , and that goes for her husbend and kids too.

The oil and fishing industries in Alaska are way too rigged.

Log cabins are nice…,for a day, when your are camping ,but get over it.

And the dog mushers are trying to genetically alter a husky so one dog could pull you around the equator at sixty miles per hour with out stopping.

When you walk, you learn the terrain, and then none of the old veterans here can tell you to buy water from them.


Most importantly, Alaska is not your social model from the lower 48.

When new people don’t get it, they want to force Alaska to be just like the states.

If you want to “get it” you gotta get off that highway.

 Alaska is about 00.01 % ashphalt.

 That means you are trying to pave our state, so you won’t have to get out and walk and learn that you could be a lot more secure if you knew the forest and stopped begging the church lady and Grandpa for guidance and direction.

This means alone, by yourself,for hours and days in the woods.

The church lady, and gramdpa, were cowards, they never learned the forest.

Forget the indian shit too ok? Indians lived in a weird assed culture you can not duplicate.

The special forces military guys (swat clowns) can’t go a week alone in our woods.

They poor marshmallows, get lonely in the woods,  and want a barraks full of cute boys to tell them they are the special heroes and protectors of our society.

Not hard to protect a society that is sitting on a computer all day producing nothing but corrections for what grandpa and he church lady screwed up.

The proper response, is to feel extreme pity for losers…., like fishermen, oil industery workers, church ladies, and constuction project superisers.

Feel pity for the swat team freaks who blew their life dressing up like 13 year old boys, and playing war with civilians , in a country that makes fast food the portal to a living wage.

Show them the terrain, after you know it, then show them how to get water and wood and set up a nice camp, and show them how to show others.

The demonstration, of how, to show others how to camp, is what is missing.  

(Not a managed or formatted demonstration.)

 (the eintire point…, is the demonstration is strictly from personal experience. Not a product, but a method to thrive.., with no “product” replacing your concept of God.)

When was the last time you took some shivering pathetic freaky loser from the lower 48 out and showed them how to spend three days or a week, totally alone in the extreme backwoods of Alaska?

That means you show them how to thrive and make progress by themselves and you believe it is more honorable to leave them alone, than manage – supervise, or tax them when they are out there.

You built your lower 48 society…, so it is miserable and then people desperately want out of there, and then you want to tax them for camping in the woods?

They tell us , that you moved to the City, to get money, how is that going so far?  


January 4, 2007

Stay busy, keep working, then sorta notice the view…..

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There is some pretty cool stuff in Alaska….

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