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So then, I have another list here…..,

  • Hysteria
  • Paranoia
  • Sociopath
  • Levity

spy_vs_spy2.jpgThis list can get you pretty spooked if you are worried about the activity, of people who are not stable, getting busy being really weird.

Then there is this thing I have been watching a little, where the first three words are actually more or less like a rule or law in this County, recently, like you “need, to be weird”, and then Levity, is actually almost against the rules, or against the law.

Like…, “no happiness allowed.”

What I am getting at, is that I think the amateurs and managers figured out that if some guy at work was obviously better at the job than they were,the manager types, especially beginning in the early 1980s, would start talking about the superior worker like that person was hysterical, paranoid, or a sociopath, and this would be a contest between the two employees, to see if the tactic of destroying the superior employee’s credibility would actually get results that were not based on work, but only on talk.

This means idiots, were getting promotions at work, based on their ability to…. GET AWAY WITH, destroying a better worker’s reputation, by verbal character assassination.

There was a movie called Psycho, that was really scary..

Then we got past that a little bit at some point and it seems like people are not so worried about allowing the word psycho in “polite” or almost polite, conversations.

I think we need serious words, that nobody wants to mention, like we need to take something serious in this life, and there are going to be some things I would not want to talk about in public or around ” polite” conversations.

But then if the low level and less skilled managers and what amounts to “wannabe’ managers can talk about better workers than they are, like those workers are psycho- something, and spread rumors about somebody’s psycho anything, then I think we need to get that word out in the open a little more.

There are plenty of “happy words” too, and I will get around to some of those also, but I want to get past some of the more serious and spooky words first.

I think almost any of us, can get a little hysterical, paranoid or feel like a sociopath or anti – social, for a day,or a week or two, once in a while, life can get tough, and hard to explain sometimes, but mostly I think it has gotten a bit sloppy with some of our friends , sort of “liking it” when we have some weird thoughts, like it is entertaining and trendy for them to be analysts, or counselors…., and , sometimes, they will stop, just short of being supportive, and let us stay in a high state of anxiety, when they can afford that luxury when industry and a consumer society provide most everything they need, so they don’t really need us as friends or associates any more.

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So then levity is normally what I want with my friends, when I get spooked or paranoid or freaked out about something, I want a sense of humor, and a joke, and for them to tell me they trust me, but they sort of stopped doing that about fifteen years ago, and when I got confused, or tricked or fooled by some con – artist personnel manager, my friends started allowing the weird feelings I had to stand, and hold, and they would not have any levity or a sense of humor.

  • Co – dependent
  • Functional
  • Dysfunctional
  • Recovery
  • Moderation
  • Profound

Co – dependent

This is a term, or word, or idea nobody likes to mess with.

This is one of those things we don’t like to talk about in polite conversations.

I think basically it is a matter of people clinging to the idea of controlling each other, as a really illogical method of getting security, when they do not feel they are capable of allowing the planet and their own sensory input and the processing of that information from their nervous system to provide security for themselves.

Somebody said they were stupid, and they believed it.

Basically somebody was a thief and took something from them, and then followed that up with telling them they had not lost anything but they were only suffering from a latent teenage pathology, that made them “think” they had had something in the first place, and then “think” they had lost that.

Conversations tied in knots, and basically the thief is on the outside and the family members who are co- dependent are fighting each other, when the outsider has wedged their alliance.

First that outsider is like alcohol or drugs, but then, people, the skuzzy and strange, will slither in there where the alcohol and other addictions have created an opening and they begin mining away at the co – dependent family’s credibility and reputation.

So the definition of co- dependent is about when a sober person gets addicted to a person who is an alcoholic or addict.

But I think people figure this out, and try to stop their neighbors from getting successful by triggering and rewarding the negative behavior associated with addiction and co- dependency, then our traditions and superstitions allow those people to hide behind a protective social barrier that is a choice our society makes, not a law of nature.

This means some people , probably with some knowledge of personnel management tactics, are taking advantage of an outdated tradition that has not advanced, to meet and correct for the really sleazy activity of triggering their neighbors to be dysfunctional.


The term is mostly about a real activity normally associated with a young couple , like lovers, or in a new marriage, having the ability to work together to astonish themselves with how really easy life can be when they are not arguing or letting selfish agendas get in the way.

What destroys this healthy atmosphere is the endless advice of people who are jealous and envious.

It can actually look good on a resume, when a person can claim they have stopped a functional relationship or broken up a marriage or wiped out a business.

The employer will want a ruthless employee, and the employer will try to channel the employee’s naturally sick and destructive behavior, toward destroying their businesses competition.

So, stopping, a functional family, by wedging their alliance, and trying to get them to fight and argue, is actually a big economy in this country for people who want a promotion from being just an employee, to being a manager.

This is the point where an (any) institution is based on a militant personnel management system and nourishes a type of hate for anything civilian that could distract its soldiers or worker units.

The industries need to stop the functional family unit from providing better rewards to their employees than the industry can.

This is called…. “rations and the verge of misery so any reward looks good.”

This term is about an activity, where the unity and synchronicity of timing and schedules in a friendship are not available as a vehicle to allow the members of the group to work together at any pace that would keep them ahead of scavengers or predators.

This might work in a metaphor, like people trying to row a boat together.

Then the situation is about, “who, or whom, is paying the scavengers and predators and providing their supply line?”


Getting out of the hyper strange mental and emotional atmosphere involved, with people being addicted to alcoholics and addicts, will normally look virtually impossible at first, and then, look entirely ludicrous after learning that by simply being around people who are functional, any rational or reasonable project will work and the separation will instantly solve the problems and make them look like they never existed.

That basically means you need better friends, and I need better friends, and the quality of your friends matters.

Recovery is like a position , where you can hold for a second…, and say , “ok, I made it out of that crappy lifestyle, and now I need to keep moving and try not to let myself get tempted or tricked to going back in to that ridiculous mental miasma ever again.”

One trick I learned, was to tell people I was busy working on something I did not know all about yet. Like advanced music ideas and new carpentry skills , things like that.

They would normally not want to ” hang out with a guy “who did not know it all” …like they did (?)


I think we need to have a spare cash fund to extract some high quality people out of dysfunctional lifestyles and place or position them where they can be surrounded by functional people.

After a person is surrounded by healthy active and mobile people, then moderation is a healthy life skill. ( or habit, or discipline)

If and when a person is surrounded by the hysterical and extreme emotional atmosphere of a co -dependent lifestyle, any moderation is simply an untimely lull…, in a hysterical battle of expensive paranoid mathematical leaps into complexity as an desperate grasp for something substantial, and is only substantial as a result of the complexity.

This basically means some Ex- marine, or Veteran, threatened a local and the local can not keep the promises they made to you, so the local invents extraordinary excuses for their inability to maintain consistency, within the boundaries of their formerly functional verbal contract with you.


Anybody who claimed the Earth WAS NOT FLAT, was guilty of contemplating the profound.

When the human brain is, in fact, capable of contemplating the profound, and, it is actually pretty easy to notice, that the more profound you get, the less likely it is you can provide anything useful from doing that, then people would be smart to not push that ability too far.

Staying out of the realm or atmosphere of the profound is smart.

But then our country is also based on laws that include a foundation based on a statement about a citizen having the protected ability, to apply their spare time, to develop methods to bypass a tyrant.

To develop methods, would mean the citizen took action, outside the plans and delusions of the industries, to provide a product or service that could in fact bypass an entire industry and then all the people in that industry would lose their jobs, and that is just their problem for choosing to work or some selfish greedy industry.

An appropriate historical example would be the Ghost Towns that came and went in the American West, when basically the rational and sane people would just get up and move , when some idiot personnel manager from the East Coast would want to build the town into an institution, and the pioneers hated the sewage and garbage and disease that was the primary weapon of the industrial culture.

The first weapon , is always sewage, put in the enemy’s water supply then the enemy will get dysentery.

Then the idiots showed every idiot that little trick in really low budget military and boarding schools during the Industrial Revolution , so that is about as far as a war has gotten in a hundred fifty years.

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