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(7) A conflict that can get less expensive

  • Schedule Induced Aggression
  • Self Determination Theory

There are links on the sidebar to definitions of what these terms mean.

Idiots induce aggression, normal people, feel pity for them, and play along.

First it is too easy to pretend like somebody gave you permission to induce aggression by interrupting and disrupting another person’s schedule.

That means from seventh to 12th grade in an American school , generating misery is what they
teach you, they tell you…, that friends and family are useless ,and, choosing your own instructors, according to your natural impulses and instincts, is insane, and only treachery, and inducing aggression, are reliable, as long term methods of survival.

Then, some people are healthy and they might be very self determined, and not need…, your leadership or guidance.


I have this thing where I believe the entire school system could be replaced really fast, and something like that can not happen, if half the people are convinced they can interrupt and disrupt the other half who are working on providing a healthy functional alternative to an old outdated school system.

The basic idea is to stop thinking about building a school system that lasts two hundred years, like the last one did…, and think about having the ability to change…, the entire system, about once every three months.

So then if you screw it up, and only get the real result of being able to scrap the old system and replace it every four years, you are behind your initial goal, of three months, but it is still, a lot better than a system that couldn’t change for two hundred years.

The idea, that every business or anything we build, needs to last thirty or sixty years gets a little old, when sometimes we can get stuck in a situation like that, and then stay very uncomfortable.

We need to have stability, to hold off certain negative elements of our own bad habits and other peoples imperfections, but the traditional idea, was based on reality, not proving you could do something for thirty years…, whether it was stupid or not.

We get this idea that “people were stupid back then”.

Yeah right, but those same people built yachts and cars and planes you would love to have today, and I bet you still can’t afford one.

We are spending more time making each other jump hoops, and prove we deserve to go for a ride on a yacht, than we are, going for a ride on the yacht, so it sits in the harbor until you guys decide it is ok if I go for a ride. And it is damn well taking you a while.

All of us could fit on the stupid boat, but then one of you wants to be the guy who steers it or you will throw a tantrum. Go ahead, you steer , just don’t bump into stuff.

So then on to page Eight and I’ll get around to some more positive stuff and color and images after I rant a bit more about what I think we need to leave behind.

This is like navigation, as long as the last two hundred years of bullshit personnel management are behind us, we are going the right direction.

To Page Eight.


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