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March 18, 2007

One customer – access – control – button, at a time…

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This guy, ….. way happy boy, can’t wait to tell the local cops if you have a gun or camera in your car.

His job is to collect information, he will relay to militant assholes in your town, so the KKK can keep the niggers out.

You think this guy liked helping indians, or mexicans?

Not a chance in hell.

Fat people didn’t get good service either.

If you had a zit the guy would ignore you.


So something had to be done…..

People needed some variety, they could not let the gas station guy…, decide who gets Gasoline or Diesel or not.


A button like this is located at almost everygas station, so any customer or kid can shut off the pumps if there is an emergency.

You do not need a military style hat, to know what an emergency looks like.


The FCC, wants you, to shut the hell up.

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I think the reason the big corporations want to stifle the public from talking on radio and TV is so the public will stop talking and get their asses to work.

People love the idea of getting on radio, and changing the world, by talking shit.

But that does not build a car, for a young kid to drive so that young person can get
away from the abuse they get from parents and school teachers.

You say there is a system for a young person to get a car, but that, is a lie.

The young person needs a house, a car, and a job.

The young person needs a house a car and a job, BEFORE, they can prove they can
be trusted.

NOBODY…., is going to trust you, until after, you have the house, car, and job, and then show people, that you will not be a tyrant when you have all that normal stuff.

Telling some child, they need to advertize…., and get on the radio and change the world , before…., they get a house, or a car, or a job, is stupid.

Teaching kids that propaganda is more important than carpentry is abuse.

That means…, that is is proper, to improve your skills,not improve your propaganda.

Learning to “put a spin”, on your lazy behavior, does not make that behavior more valuable.

The FCC does not want to run the show, I seriously don’t think they want to try it by controling the goofy assed bandwidth.

I think they want a smoothly run operation that does not put them in the position to need to do things that are simply impossible with a radio or television.

You have freedom of speech, but you never say….”I’m hiring”.

March 16, 2007

drafting culture

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People get nervous in Alaska…., until they figure it out.

The basic idea is we have some church ladies that really have nothing to do with a church, but they look and act like church ladies, the local men, who run the show, know what you fear the most, and that is a church lady.

In the lower 48 nobody can get past a church lady, that is because they normally can’t go very far from home, so they get a lot of power in their neighborhood and they will decide who has sex with who, and what girls are too pretty, and what boys are too skilled.

Church ladies like playing GOD so they decide that the boys, who have too many skills, need to be more humble.,. And they decide that the girls who are too pretty and healthy, are the wrong types of girls, so the pretty girls need to be humble, and suffering too. ( suffering and stupid and submissive, like the church ladies ignorant brats.)

So the church lady will put idiot dumb kids in charge and let the smart and healthy ones suffer and work a lot harder, and that makes the healthy and smart ones so exhausted they can’t get any work done, and then the healthy young people grow up learning to doubt themselves and feel neurotic and want to fight.

Technically the church ladies are taking orders from psychotic freaks who went to the military to learn their methods.

When a man, who is a leader in society, wants to screw off all the time, he can get his uptight paranoid wife to run around and gossip and torment the hell out of all the kids and young people. ( school volunteer, organizer lady.)

Then the kids grow up so paranoid and insecure they will not stop Grandpa from fishing and hunting and supervising construction projects that will Always go overbudget and take three times as long to finish as the architect intended.

When the church lady wants you to PROVE you are going to heaven after you die, before you make a living wage, that bitch needs a hobby.


The first rule is learn to ignore dog teams, then ignore log cabins, and the, oil ,and fishing industries.

If you will enjoy Alaska, it will happen by getting out of your car and walking.

That means figure out some way to walk, alone  where no church lady can see you , and that goes for her husbend and kids too.

The oil and fishing industries in Alaska are way too rigged.

Log cabins are nice…,for a day, when your are camping ,but get over it.

And the dog mushers are trying to genetically alter a husky so one dog could pull you around the equator at sixty miles per hour with out stopping.

When you walk, you learn the terrain, and then none of the old veterans here can tell you to buy water from them.


Most importantly, Alaska is not your social model from the lower 48.

When new people don’t get it, they want to force Alaska to be just like the states.

If you want to “get it” you gotta get off that highway.

 Alaska is about 00.01 % ashphalt.

 That means you are trying to pave our state, so you won’t have to get out and walk and learn that you could be a lot more secure if you knew the forest and stopped begging the church lady and Grandpa for guidance and direction.

This means alone, by yourself,for hours and days in the woods.

The church lady, and gramdpa, were cowards, they never learned the forest.

Forget the indian shit too ok? Indians lived in a weird assed culture you can not duplicate.

The special forces military guys (swat clowns) can’t go a week alone in our woods.

They poor marshmallows, get lonely in the woods,  and want a barraks full of cute boys to tell them they are the special heroes and protectors of our society.

Not hard to protect a society that is sitting on a computer all day producing nothing but corrections for what grandpa and he church lady screwed up.

The proper response, is to feel extreme pity for losers…., like fishermen, oil industery workers, church ladies, and constuction project superisers.

Feel pity for the swat team freaks who blew their life dressing up like 13 year old boys, and playing war with civilians , in a country that makes fast food the portal to a living wage.

Show them the terrain, after you know it, then show them how to get water and wood and set up a nice camp, and show them how to show others.

The demonstration, of how, to show others how to camp, is what is missing.  

(Not a managed or formatted demonstration.)

 (the eintire point…, is the demonstration is strictly from personal experience. Not a product, but a method to thrive.., with no “product” replacing your concept of God.)

When was the last time you took some shivering pathetic freaky loser from the lower 48 out and showed them how to spend three days or a week, totally alone in the extreme backwoods of Alaska?

That means you show them how to thrive and make progress by themselves and you believe it is more honorable to leave them alone, than manage – supervise, or tax them when they are out there.

You built your lower 48 society…, so it is miserable and then people desperately want out of there, and then you want to tax them for camping in the woods?

They tell us , that you moved to the City, to get money, how is that going so far?  

March 5, 2007

Get Nasty building your own caRrrrzzzzzz

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When you design any vehicle a person sits in, always begin with the idea of you, being two people, you are the one driving, and you are the person walking, who is just about to get hit by the vehicle.


This moment is important. Day or night, any weather, any altitude.

“There is no way to stop the vehicle, from hurting yourself, (walking),unless the person in the vehicle (you), has incredible options to miss the person walking, so, you need to design your own car. Make those options, credible.

Walking is always more important than driving.

I am not asking permission, I am telling you.

People are born with legs, not GPS trackers.

The best application for an HUD display is to have the words for the song youre singing – along – with…., running on the HUD display. Like a “Karaeoke Head Up Display.”

Believe me, you would never want some guy blowing your car off the road with a tank, if you ran over some friend of his, while you were fucking around with your GPS technology when you needed to be watching the road.

You run over my brother or sister? I will show up with a tank, and you better hope the cops show up to take you to a nice safe jail, where I can’t get to you. That is what the law, is for.

That is tribal, like when the law has no power to punish a driver, who hurts somebody when the electronics companies will not allow it, so then the victim’s family and friends take action to get a tank, or a plane and some missiles, and blow your car to small chunks.

So you need to design a car, to get the electronics, and engine, in your control, to stop the tribal people, not stop the big corporations.

(real civility will gain power when we ignore corporations and the people who worship them)

So you design a car, custom fit, tailor fit, for you, from the seat out, so you will never attract an enemy that you do not know you will have victory over.

You look like a pretty stupid warrior, when you let some little rich faggot who went to MIT decide how to build your car, and he builds it so you will attract enemies you can not have victory over.

That comes from Newton, putting math with theology. They get off on it.

They are not “smart” they are capitalizing on the conditioning you got in High School.


The solution,  is never about the car, it is always about your destination. Your choice, to only go to where people never…, support people who refuse to help write a law that
protects people who want to build and make their own world, and not have everything
regulated and slowed down by institutionas and the manages who want to have the extreme privelege of getting to “mold our future”, like it is something they earned the
privelege of doing, by proving they could make the present worth a shit first.

If you can’t make the present work, then please leave the future, to people who might.

That means keep your promises, don’t just depend on a institution.

The thrust of an instuitution, is to stay…, THE institution, by forcing us to need them, by having the incredible arrogance to try to “shape our future”…, and they do that by disrupting us, so we can never complete any creative thought or creative project.

We need to write and enforce laws that stop people from disrupting us. And we need to have something to show, like cars, and appliances we build ourselves,that will prove we have an alternative to the peculiar and sick, not another method to play head games with the peculiar and sick.

The incredible power of technology, plus our anger, and rage, will not work correctly, until the people who think it is a great idea to disrupt us are petrified of the punishment that will happen if they disrupt us when we need to pay attention to what we are doing so nobody will get hurt.

In 2007, inventing and developing another method to play head games with the peculiar and sick, is what most of our educations, and economy, is based on. Playing a sick game, with sick people, is only going to make sick behavior look popular.


This gif shows the yellow being the part that absorbs kinetic energy, then the red as a type of mysterious shell…, made of anything that might work, then the blue as the seat area, that everything starts with.

The real thing is that the middle part of the car is based on race cars, after wars, that were made from putting an engine inside an old bomb casing.

The cigar or tube shape was “pretty cool”, for those guys, they liked the idea, of a car being something like a guided missile. ( Kamakaze, Jihad, John Wayne Hero Bullshit),  But they give up a lot by sticking with that stupid idea all the time.

The race car shape is the shape of a “recycled bomb shell” not an original design for a car or any type of transportation.


The problem is, that you can get so many people to “agree with you” if you stick with the old standards, they don’t want to look at a design they need to think about to understand.

They need an education on establishing a destination to drive to…, where they can form an alliance with somebody who has the integrity to maintain their verbal agreements until the project pays off, and provides a breakeven point, and then a profit for both parties.

That is not spirituality, that is normal civil, civilian, impulse, and instinct.

The sick institutional head games, stop the breakeven point and refuse to allow a profit.

So that is like soldiers…, on a military base, “Pretending”, they are “practicing having a real civilian economy”…. but they are never really allowed to have the breakeven point, or profit, or healthy self esteem, or the results of a profit.

Just getting close to a breakeven point or profit, will get you extreme attention from the militarists who will shut you down and interrogate you endlessly to learn how you almost got past them, they wouldn’t want anybody learning your system, to get away from them.

They are cowards who suorround themselves with a human shield, of millions of people.

The top five percent of the population is hiding in the milddle of the herd, with the rest of us creating a buffer between them and the civilian world they would never survive in, when they would need to be honest, and work, and have integrity out there.

So they give those guys ( any idiot) weapons and crappy equipment, to torment us.


By the time you build a car, you could have walked to your destination anyway.


Building a car is like building a campfire, you build it, to instruct others how to build one, so they can spontaneously build one , so they never need to go to a building where the institutional people will destroy their credibility and self esteem.

Credibility and self esteem is how you form an alliance, the jocks don’t want you confident.

Sometimes freedom, means we have the choice and option to get away from a bunch of drunks.

The exaustion…., people feel in an institution, after years of never really winning , makes them act a lot like drunks.

They want to cling to you, they are needy, they will do anything to slow down or disrupt your timing and schedule so you can not run away and leave them.

When we tell you to learn to draw ,with a pencil , by hand, that is to stop the squeamy little computer wimps from feeding on you like emotional vampires.

They are icky.

They are emotional sewage, put in our water supply, giving our entire society dysentery.

You gotta admit, some people really suck.

In a militant situation, your competition ( effeminate jock boy) wants a higher rank than you, so your competition, will pay the people who suck,( femmy computer boy), to torment the hell out of you.

They will do anything to avoid needing to have the humility and gratitude to meet and serve a customer in a…., strictly all cash, no credit involved, trade situation.

They don’t want to trade, they want to fight.

We learn to draw, by watching a guy draw, then in 2007, the military style guys, will try to force you to draw, by removing every option, except drawing.

They will punish you for showing a guy how to draw with a pencil, and then reward you, for removing every option that student has, except learning to run a computer, where he can be monitored and supervised by some bimbo girl, who has no concept of how to do anything, except raise one kid, until that kid is about nine years old.

The biggest damn reward in this country…, is being allowed to get away from the bimbo girls, who will interrogate you, and then relay that information she gets, to the faggot little jock boys, who want to be personnel managers in a decaying militant society.

If you have a hard time listening to this talk or reading about it, then it is about impossible to think about building a car or anything else with you.

Trade is a cool thing, and the illusion that the “pendulum”…, needs to shut it down, stops, when people expand into a new, probably youth generated, mental idea, and not only adult
ideas, that will almost always evolve and develop in a predictable way, to make adults who don’t have a lot of young people around them, get the validation they want, from other adults, only by generating more technology.

You never know if you know anything, until you teach a student what you know, and see what they come up with. The idea is to attract the best students to yourself by offering them something they can use….

A guy like me needs strict loyalty, and needs you to shut up and keep the projects secret and not let your teenager go around and tell everybody that you are doing something, by working with me, that might make their schoolteacher’s job obsolete.

And it is stupid, to teach kids…, that me, or anybody, needs to pay them, or get them
to trust us, or respect us, before they learn the value of keeping their mouths shut.

The idea is to go someplace in a nice car, not mess with teachers. But school teachers only demonstrate…, how to keep their jobs, they don’t demonstrate how to work.

We want to go to some place.

We want to go someplace, and then go back home, we do not want to go someplace and then need to blow a fortune going to war against that place, to take over and own the damn thing, we just like to visit, and then haul ass out of there.

In a militant society that would look weak, but the objective is not to get rank, by dominating, tormenting and harassing people, like in a militant society,

The goal…., is to prove to civilians, that we can visit, and form alliances, withoust costing them anything. In fact they might make some money by getting along with us, as long as they don’t attract an expensive conflict.



It helps if your pencil is sharp.

It mostly helps if your family and friends have the maturity and tact, to leave you alone.


Then you need the correct tools for the job, within your skill range….


Then the word….,, or vocabulary, changes, to “leadholder”, not pencil, but everybody calls it a pencil anyway, and you still need to keep it sharp.



First you will design something , then take it to a shop, and then work outdoors a lot.


So get about a million of these diagrams, and trace them and copy them by hand.

This will show you how to draw a lot faster.

You will learn to not be so intimidated by all the details and precision, by copying diagrams.

The bad guys want you to be intimidated, by the idea of math, or precision, and details.

But what blows them away, is when you can draw clean, and fast, especially from memory.



This is a frame for a replica car, a replica of a Porsche Spyder.

This pipe frame set – up is easy to draw, after you know the size of one of the wheels and the tire that goes on it.



No , I don’t think it is a great idea drawing war jets, but there are endless diagrams and blueprints, that are easy to find and copy, to learn how to draw a car. Or how to draw anything else.


This old chopper is one of the most popular helicopters,it is an Alouette, and it is cool if you look it up and learn to draw the basic layout, a lot of helicopters copy it and basically the lines will be copied and put on cars too.


This is a Gazelle, and it is one of the choppers that was based on the Alouette chopper.

I put a lot of words and text in here to chase off the people who like to scroll really fast to the good parts and try to determine how they can compete with me, so they will sometimes see all the words and negative stuff and skip the real ideas. They are into establishing a profile of my personality really fast and then normally they will re – direct themselves into ideas.., that will not stop real cool peole from actually building stuff.

The Lamborghini Countach and the Gazzelle chopper are the leading designs in the design world and they are both designs that made it out in the sixties, and then somebody somewhere stopped more people from ever advancing the designs any more after that, so people keep drilling on the older designs and trying to beat a Lambo or a Gazelle.

My idea is to have ultralight helicopters that look like a Gazelle, especially with good
heaters to keep the people inside warm. Then less vibration, and less marketing , so there will be a lot less people involved, so the real dedicatd guys can build what the customers want, not what the geeks who make a living doing “marketing ” want.

Then having small cars we can build ourselves, fast, so we can get ourselves and about two hundred pounds of gear, or cargo, to another location. Draw it, cut the pipe, cut the steel, drill the holes , weld it up,  install the rubber for motor mounts and windshields and door seals, and crash test it a couple times, then put the body on it….., and roll.

Inside air conditining is really important, to keep the driver alert and comfortable, a military style vehicle will never want the pilot or passengers comfortable, they want them on edge and angry all the time.

So begin the design, with drawing theseat,andthen workout, designing the vehicle to be really comfortable sothe driver can have a lot of sensory input…., like good visibility, and hearing other cars around them in traffic.


Let me take you on a visual…..

This is a place like near an old car junkyard. Huge thing…., like a locomotive roundhouse,
only bigger, there are 12 conveyor belts in a star shape from the middle assembly area, and each conveyor belt is built to build sections of the car, it is a small car, like just two seats, then one belt is for upholstery, one belt is for engines, one belt is for windshields and mirrors, one belt is for steering and brakes, one is for suspension and springs and then three belts are just for the stereo system. Gotta have good tunes. Then you have electrical, and bumpers.

Then anyway the idea is to not put a roof on this factory, the thing is just sitting out there and anybody can build a car, they can design it and shape it, however they want.

The stupid garbage about thinking about how to manage it, like it is a socialist, or capitalist, idea gets a little old.

Motor mounts are where the real engineering is involved.

Any engine will work, it never mattered so far, they all go about a hundred miles per hour, and most people drive a little less fast than the engine will go anyway, to keep it humming and still have a little room to work.

The hard part is the question, Could you leave them alone?

If you saw somebody building a car, could you resist your impulse to disrupt them?

What if the guy looked like a mentally ill homeless street person who recycled aluminum cans to get rocket fuel so he could launch a sattelite and look down from space to see when you took out your garbage so he could go get your empty cans?

Putting a roof on a car building place like that that, would trigger some middle aged hyper – intense soccer mom to decide she is in charge of keeping the…, “not so good looking people” out, and then only allowing the pretty little jock boys in.

You can build a car in the rain, and in the snow, the car will not care.

But having some freaked – out – paranoid – soccer – mom…. force you… to work in the rain and snow, is punishment, and it needs to be against the law.

Duplicating that “uptight middle aged lady behavior” and expecting a reward for “telling on people” is not part of any real philosophy for any style of government, or civilization, it is normally something people expect nobody would allow, at all, in any society.

So who is your support group, and your supply line, to get anything done?

And what risks do they take?

March 4, 2007

You can build your car.

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This is the type of look that will sell your car.

People like shiny stuff.


Then the idea is to make this style of fiberglass.

From scratch. Mostly that means getting good at building fiberglass molds.


Then…., this pipe frame is what supports the fiberglass body, so that same frame can easily hold almost any other body…., or body style.

There is no real rule….., that cars need to look old fashioned, you can make the frame to look almost like this one, and then put a super nice body on it.


The way to sell the idea to your friends…, is to know, that they like…., safety… and really the money to build a car, is not always as expensive as all the safety equipment you need to keep everybody from asking endless questions about if you are being safe about how you are going about building it.

( they think it is a law to support the “economy” the way it is. It is not a law.)

I don’t think they care about safety at all, I think they believe they look important when they ask endless questions about it.

If they wanted safer cars, or safer anything, they wouldn’t support the road corridor mess we have going today.

I don’t think people want to support the “car – and – highway” industry the way it is.

I believe the people who first built the system wanted, and intended, for average citizens to build their own cars and improve the designs of the highways, and then the endless chocolate, TV, and sugar in our consumer sociey makes it so nobody wants to spend the few hours it takes to design a car.

This vice and cutter below is what it takes to begin to build a spaceframe, alomost anybody could learn to engineer a design, measure the materials and cut the pipe, then it needs to be welded, then rustproofed and painted.

This is not the type of skill that requires a lot of training or education, the concept of education mostly makes thestudents get the idea that the guy who is really good at designing cars needs to not be disrupted, and the students need tolearn thtsome people are simply better at thejob andneed to be allowed the protection to do that job.

The fantsy or myth that industrial training methods, can make just any idiot into an engineer is a damn expensive thing to pretend. You need to try it, and work with it to learn exactly what parts of the job you are good at and then mostly have the CHOICE to do thse parts, and then you will be smart, to take onsa few projects that you are not so good at.

Mot people, allowed the choice, will make money by doing what they are good at, while always working on learning something they are not sogood at, they do not need anybody forcing them to do parts of a job they are not good at.


It can be a dangerous job, and there is some technique to it, especially depending on if the guy you are working with has the problem about wantingto talk about it all the time.

Some guys just never stop telling you about how they can do a better job.

They need to find a hobby.

They want to take credit for the job, and they can be real freaks to be around.

They will spend more time trying to take credit for your work, than they do working themselves.

After a while people catch on, that you are working, and the fat guy with the cool sunglasses is screwing around all day…., and the only reason he is sweating…, is that he is fat, and petrified, that you might kick his ass…, when he is definately earning it.

So the people catch on, and then our little fat buddy, needs to do something perverted and corrupt to keep his job.

Sabotage and subterfuge.

The kid really needed to do “something cool” when he was 10 or 12 years old, so he did something stupid, probably with money, almost never with work, then one thing led to another and then he grew up and got a Dodge Neon , and it is a geek car , but he makes up for it, by claiming it has a great stereo.

Then he gets a “contractors license” and a hard hat and some Carhartt pants, and decides to wear a scarf on his neck and decorate himself with sheetrock dust, then he gets to have a 40 thousand dollar pick up and hesitate a few seconds before he turns on his turn signals when he is in traffic.

The problem is , he needs to go back to that point where he messed up when he was 10 or 12 years old, and get over that garbage.

That means, that I was cool and working my ass off back then…., and he was a little fat geek, then he stole or borrowed come cash, got a boom box, and some cool tapes, a couple fancy shirts, and decided to be the “hip – hop disco fat kid”.

Then when people would catch on, the guy was just screwing around, and then they would put some pressure on him…, and he would get into the sabotage and subterfuge thing.

Back in high school they wouldn’t let him get away with it, but we all knew what that guy would be like when he got around people who didn’t know about how he was.

March 3, 2007

Mozilla is off for the day trying opera

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Funny how some things force you to learn new things, so today I am learning Opera when Ie and Mozilla can’t get here from there .

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