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February 27, 2007

Militarism is only a bad habit, not a philosophy.

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The popularity of militarism is about, the activity of militarism being so easy and simple that the most ignorant people can feel important, without working at all.

The preparation and technique, to be successful, in a place where militarism is the best selling product, is only…, the extremely bad habit of disrupting a person who is not bothering anybody else.

So that means that bothering other people, is mandatory, in militarism.

When preparation and technique, to achieve success, security, and a surplus are based on maximizing a bad habit, it is not a problem getting millions of people involved.

Selling something that is a bad habit is always faster than selling something that requires skill and self discipline.

Militarism puts discipline in a written policy that is enforced by a personnel manager, to allow any blame to be placed on psychology, not honesty or integrity or experience.

It its not the accomplishment rendered that is measured, it is the body language and verbal response or reaction or reflex, of the customer or consumer that is measured.

That means they get off on making you move around.

We are told in elementary school and high school that any alternative to militarism is going to involve living in very primitive conditions like lost tribes in a jungle or 12th century Europe.

Real research and development is always civilian then it goes to the military for testing then it is released to the civilians again after the products modified to never allow the citizen to have more progress than the mentally ill militarist can keep up with at their slow pace.

The pace of the militarist is slowed down…, when they are not honest, so a greater part of their energy is required to protect themselves from all the people who want to correct for the imbalance the militarist has created.

Civilians never want to quantify or measure the bad habit of militarism, but militarism will spend all day collecting data and statistics about civilians, civilians can work and do something useful, and militarism is only a source of stimulation.


February 22, 2007

Game Theory, Militarism, Try Anything, NOT those ideas….

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When we are told the definition and terms of militarism, and the definition and terms of something that is the opposite of militarism, that is the activity of building two opposing sides in a game.

Then the practical people…, who are like spectators…., couldn’t care less who wins…, they just hate the idea of the game being played on the streets in front of their home.

This is the obvious proof that there is another group, and that the society does not fall into two distinct categories…, like good and evil, but that the society falls into pity for the idiots who insist on avoiding work and creating a game, to distract people, and stop them from working.

When you are slow…., as a result of being selfish, and when you are slow as a result of your family and friends drinking too much alcohol and smoking too much pot, then it is easy for you to agree to assist the militant people to allow them the power…, to slow down the fast paced healthy people, so you look equal to the fast people.

The modern multi media presentation is a cozy place to sit with people who smell good, so we feel classy and cool and they will tell us that no teaching theater or any other theater with multi media capabilities, would be possible without an institutional or industrial personnel management format to allow all the various workers to get along nicely and build a place like that.

What they are telling you…, is that the minimum wage earners are very close to slaves, and if you want a better life than they have you damn well better start talking like the militarism specialists.

Two guys, who designed some of this, were Frederick Taylor; who invented “scientific management” and Henry Ford; who invented “screwing the world over with a conveyor belt”, started making a lot of cash by playing this game.

Taylor wanted to get away from the guy who was “good at the job,” so he wanted to train just any idiot to do the job.

Then Ford wanted to get away from “skilled labor” so he would not have anybody around who actually wanted better cars.

The conversation about militarism, will sound really intellectual, until you notice the sun has gone down, and nothing has got done that day. Again.

There is a theory…., that militarism will get more advanced with every empire that is built, and that each of those empires will fall, then there is a theory that goes along with that…,about the reality that some of the militarism is not real or needed and it can be ignored, so there can be less militarism and less of the waste products and garbage and social problems the format produces.

The idea here is to think of militarism, versus, whatever you think of, as the opposite of militarism, as two opposing teams in a game that is only a game, and you have the choice to supply that game with power or not.

So as much as some people including myself, like to make ourselves look smart and important by writing and talking about the small details of militarism that are so annoying and wasteful, the real solution is always added up after basic labor work and the decisions are made as to what part of any surplus created by my labor, will go to giving any militarist format, including my own version of that, any power.

Some of the product of my work will go to protecting myself from the elements of this world that can quickly make me insecure or unbalanced or unstable.

We do not need to play the game, we can choose to simply not participate in things like advertising, in our businesses, to support advertising specialists, who are nothing more than soldiers, in a…, war – like propaganda game, that is only a little bit militant, but is hyper amplified to look a lot more powerful and militant, by simply having almost everybody on the planet struggling their ass off to try to find some way to survive without supporting the totally magnified militant – against – reality game.

Some of this can be less potent than it is. The only thing any of this stupid behavior can possibly accomplish is to allow some idiot to have a car and a house.

There are a lot of ways to get a car and a house, there is no rule that the entire planet needs to be decorated to look like an institution just to get some shelter and transportation.

There is a type of rule that somebody “has to lose“, in the game of economy and society, so the choice is to win, against the people who want to make the entire concept of life on earth into some type of organized game.

“So like a gang of clowns invading your city, the militant types march in and begin giving the smart people the lowest rank, and the stupid and slow the higher rank, and then the clowns laugh when the society is off balance.”

February 18, 2007

If the Tyrant is Defeated…..You got a plan?

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A lot of my stuff is simply repeating what a lot of workers would say while having a couple cocktails after work…, and wondering if they could get lucky and somehow slide past the always increasing numbers of people at work, who wanted to bait and switch, acting like they were cool at first, and then simply speeding up the activity of diminishing returns, until they could get something…., like a new TV, and then bolt, and go work for another company.

The drunks and addicts were young back then, ( 80s) but at least they had an excuse, the sober and alert people, were just as destructive to the companies and community but people were desperately trying to avoid admitting that their beautiful healthy teenagers were totally useless idiots. They looked so incredibly good…., how could they possibly…, be so incredibly selfish, and deviant?

People had chosen to have the look, ( youth, good looking, pretty) before the integrity, so then they believed the integrity would be obvious at some point, as a choice, but then that choice was available , but then it was blocked and people started getting mental when winning was available but blocked by people amplifying the results of stupidity with technology.

Nobody is going to give anybody with new technology anything very important to work with, they will give them something stupid to practice with, problem is, they were amplifying and speeding up the pace of the results of stupid ideas, and that took up all the space required for communication and a transfer of energy to have success.

Yeah…., I repeat myself a lot, but it is peculiar that not a lot of people want to get on with doing something else. It is a strictly intellectual choice to ignore the technology and management that slows us down, and get to work on simple projects that can lead to a lifetime of peaceful routines and challenges we can actually accomplish.

It is not hopeless, it is just exhausting listening to endless excuses for not taking action to serve a market that is standing on your porch and couldn’t get any clearer about what they need and want. It can almost make my nervous system have a seizure when some freak with two years of psychology in some half assed college wants to interrogate my customers and analyze them to discover their real motivation for wanting to spend money buying things at a store.

The motivation? Is to participate in an economy, so we can protect ourselves from idiot psychologists who want to sell data and statistics about us…, so they dont have to work for a living.

So then we take a trip back to the combined ideas of the workforce in the late 80s and see what they were talking about that was mostly about the industrial revolution and how that was great but had some problems that were getting to be on a level that was so low it was getting a little sick watching the managers “getting off” on managing the workers.


The social and business models come from things like nautical traditions and trains and then they get too predictable after a couple of generations of the boss or owner turning over the company to the managers, and then people act surprised that the company has problems, and the community and entire region has problems, and the solution its to allow…., a young owner of a modern progressive business who wants to keep his business open for 30 years…, a position of rank and status at the same level as the former leader without needing to spend a couple decades earning that position.

( no war, no politics, no prerequisite, just get on with the day)

To get that done, the community people need to first hear about it before it happens, but not too long before it happens, and then stop anybody who wants the new guy to prove himself by jumping a hoop to impress anybody, the person who would be impressed would actually jump to a higher rank and status for no other reason, except that they suggested the new guy needed to prove himself by jumping a hoop.

That is a bluff of management, to come out of the mist and clouds and suggest a challenge for a superior person, and then achieve dominance over that superior person, ( no transfer of energy, no work getting done), and then people shuffle home with no hope and no anything, but one more manager…., who invented a hoop to jump, gets a house and a car.

Pretty slow way of advancing a civilization, when millions of people are stopped in their tracks…, so one geek who can’t work, can get a house and a car, by simply suggesting a superior person meets the challenge of the inferior person’s choice. ( people only allow it, to prove it does not work)

The problems are a result of predictability, the boss would never allow his business to be too predictable, but the managers will systematically make the company more and more predictable, ( providing sensitive information that will only be processed in an atmosphere of gossip and social pressure style treachery) to the point that almost any person can predict the next likely move, and ambush the company and stop progress.

Then the part where people act surprised that the company is struggling is only an act that is like a tradition that has been passed down, like singing songs on a ship. It is part of the language of ships, or trains.

Pretending we are so shocked or surprised when some wimpy ( new) geek manager bankrupts the company and makes everybody miserable is mostly a type of cynical way, of avoiding…, having the boss put us in charge, if the boss is not smart enough to choose better people.

We don’t want to be chosen for leadership by a manager who consistently chooses the worst leaders. We avoid any association with a group of losers.

There are elements we forget, at this point, promotion is the part we have put in the section that we forget, or ignore, when it is too predictable.

Promoting another person to a better position is a natural activity that most people learn at a young age, but that activity is a growth style activity that requires time, when a young person is developing peaceful methods to avoid conflict as a young adult, that activity is disrupted by our policy and decision makers in the education institutions as a result of the, modern, but extremely sloppy banking and insurance methods that keep all their customers in debt and constant budget problems.

The policy and decision makers are not the boss that started the company, they are third, or fifth, or ninth generation managers, and they have no idea of why the company was started in the first place, or what purpose it was intended to serve.

From the time they were six years old they have not been outside a building and they have never had contact with a real customer, then they get an office and they simply bluff, and pretend there certainly must be something important about all that, so they perpetuate it, but it is all bluff and illusion.

They are safer, sometimes, in a position of leadership when nobody will ever do what they say anyway, and nobody takes them seriously. Then it is not that manager we are worried about it is the ambitious person who wants to get close to them, and apply that power as leverage to avoid work and gain the stimulation of directing the activities of people who are superior.

There is the real work, planned and finished by the respectable, honorable people, and there is the group or crew that wants to play and pretend they can be…., “organized and have a format and a policy that will protect the company and provide motivation for productivity and force the consumers to ignore other products and feel threatened or insecure if they do choose other products.”

So there are the workers, and there are and the freaks who want to dress cute and torment people by threatening them, and punishing them if they do not worship the idiots who are dressed cute like deities with god -like powers.

The solution is to choose a young boss, then support that business and never allow them to need credit or get in debt.

When the business is in debt the owner is simply a manager working for the bank, then after the bank is paid, the owner is going to exhibit behavior that is almost exactly like a thing called PTSD, that is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it started out being called shell shock, but it is the result of not being allowed to take the opportunity to win a battle when the option was obvious.

This means basically you could win the business game, but the bank will not let you make decisions about the people or suppliers or peer groups you would prefer to do business with.

Thebankers and their lawyers, are technically the losers of the species and they will channel and direct business to protect themselves from the reality that they are scavengers and predators.

The banks and insurance companies are like well decorated halfway houses for people who would throw tantrums with their parent’s money and not live more than a week an any real adult lifestyle with that behavior.

This is a tyrant of policy, just paperwork that got going a hundred years ago and it looked harmless back then, it went too far, and too long, and we can not change them by talking to them. All we can do is replace them.

So they can’t be allowed to respond to any threats, but they are extremely weak when they have no concept how to invent or develop any original ideas, or implement those ideas without getting hostile and violent, their system was written in the late 1700s and early 1800s and they will return to that, and stay there, that is where they started and that lifestyle, is exactly where we can leave them.

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