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January 10, 2007

What are personal submarines for?

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A personal submarine would look cool sitting in my yard.

Just knowing I could go out and go underwater and run around in some lake would be nice.



These guys built one, I need to follow -up more stories on this type of homebuilt stuff.


This is the “corporate idea…. ” They drive, and you see, what they want, to show you.

Better than nothin though, I would go for a ride, looks like entertainment.


This is lookin about right, nice basic sub, that fits on a trailer….


This one above looks like a really practical guy wanted to get something done.


This is a shipwreck map and a cool idea for submarines to go find something to do, I am not into the morbid thing, or wrecking more ships just to give submarines more things to do on a weekend, the idea is to get less wrecks, and more recreation .


This is the future ideas.


This is a submarine design for a sub,that moves like a fish, very cool idea.


This is a submarine yacht that could work but the design is a little too computer and not very much about what will this thing look like, or feel like, in about fifty or a hundred years? A well built ship tends to last a long time so somebody is going to have to fix this thing, and they will need parts and that could be really fun…. to try to find parts for something like this…..


So this is one you might build at home, and Im sure there are a lot of people who already did, to give you information about what it was like and how to take care of the thing.


Zoomin along, checkin out the view underwater.


This looks like where we are going with the smaller subs.


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