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January 10, 2007

A math problem…., that can be fixed.

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This is a start grid for a city plan. The lines will become streets, and the numbers will become addresses.

So the plan is too stuck being the way it is, and it can be changed.

You build the same junk year after year…, and people figure out how to “work it” or take advantage of it, and only a certain type of person will be successful there.


This grid will be placed, and sort of “forced” onto a piece of land and it will not, fit, or conform to the land, it will mostly make the place a grid, and a way to make people easier to force to do things they would not always do in that terrain or location if they had the choice.



This is a “VISION” of a city, done as a painting in the Late 1800s.

Notice the old cars, they didn’t even have cars back then.

The idea of having awesome efficient cities is great, but the city plan, the grid. the survey, and the map, they start with, is not correct.

Almost any city will begin with that exact same engineering , the same math, the same.. really old outdated idea of the Nobility, versus the Peasants,  and whatever is built on top of that grid, will feel the same, with the same types of people controlling it.

That means , sort of…, the people who will kiss the nobilitie’s ass, and turn on you in a heartbeat, then…, they will still live close to you looking for their next chance to do it again.

They will feed…on your inability to move around like you want to, in the city grid plan.

This is pathology,the potential pathway of the money spending unit in a concrete ditch.


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