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January 4, 2007

Some ideas on the Afghanistan / Pakistan thing……

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This is a page about contrast between what we see on TV and the endless supply of people who want to sit safe at home and make themselves look important by having opinions about real fighting in a location nobody has any idea why they might be fighting.

If we knew why they were fighting, probably nobody would even notice it, and we could win in about fourteen minutes, and then it would not be any fun any more, and everybody would need to get back to work.

( the logic, that :….,We’re stressed, so we must be working”…, is wrong, if you are stressed…, something, or someone close to you, is not working , they are talking and moving around breaking alliances, but they are not to be trusted.)


Try it sometime, write a really active blog about all your accomplishments and work you finished this week, and not, writing about anybody’s mistakes… pretty hard to do.


The page takes a minute to load, so kick back for a minute, if you will…., if the war in Afganistan happens to spill into your yard, hanging out at this site will not exactly help you much. Wait for this to load, but don’t wait for that war thing to load…. see?

Anyway…, this page is about what I can get, on the net, fast, about Afganistan…..

Mostly, I don’t want to go there.

It looks like a nice adventure , but I already had some adventures, and the photos of the places look nice, but it is really tough country…


So these guys can obviously carve rock, they got that down.

Then, I was looking for some contrast, and found this……


This rose garden is in North Pakistan….

Got a couple more images of the place…..


So …if somebody is blocking the road, how do you go around them?




I think, this is Pattons tanks, german tanks, Smurfs tanks, Japanese tanks ,hell I don’t know, but my point is that it is…, sort of, what we expect a a WAR to be like, and also there is another thing, we expect the sun to be out most of the time….


This…,was during the Battle of the Bulge, it was cold, snowing, and the airplanes could’nt fly, or at least they thought, the planes couldn’t fly, so they wouldn’t let the planes even try to fly, they had spent so much money on tanks , I think….,they didn’t want the airplanes to accidentally win the war too soon.

Then they get into this snow battle stuff……


Then our guys, get into this fun little hole…., looking for bad guys…..


You can’t take a TANK in there.

We got nice gear, but look at the quality of that tunnel, it is not junk, that is a damn nice arch, the bad guys might know a thing or two about how to engineer a tunnel.


What I notice about this shot, is that in Alaska, we can get out the chainsaws and cut some trees and build an airstrip almost anyplace, but in this place, it is called Behrain… a guy would need to have tractors just to get a flat place to land a helicopter.

Building a road in this place would be hard by the looks of it, and I have to imagine they know how to build a road, they just sort of know, that if they did it , uhhh…. the managers would show up, and start a taco bell. Then the kids would start shooting each other in high school when they did not “fit in”.

I love taco bell, but only if the manager of the place stays on his side of the counter.

I punch in North Pakistan, and my computer comes up with this photo…….

Russia couldn’t win against Afghanistan, and this view might have something to do with that.

I just bet the CIA guys want to start a little strip mall, and a gym, and a high school in this cool little spot. Maybe a gay bar and a summer camp for kids to teach them how to be good little celibate psychotic soldiers.

I seriously doubt that many other Americans would know about these awesome little pockets of nice secluded valleys and water and trees.

Hell you could probably just move there, and nobody would care, but if you want to take over, and manage them, and modernize everybody , I think they have probably tried that before, with the British, for about a thousand years, and they are like… “take your modern shit and go screw yourself. “


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