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January 10, 2007

A math problem…., that can be fixed.

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This is a start grid for a city plan. The lines will become streets, and the numbers will become addresses.

So the plan is too stuck being the way it is, and it can be changed.

You build the same junk year after year…, and people figure out how to “work it” or take advantage of it, and only a certain type of person will be successful there.


This grid will be placed, and sort of “forced” onto a piece of land and it will not, fit, or conform to the land, it will mostly make the place a grid, and a way to make people easier to force to do things they would not always do in that terrain or location if they had the choice.



This is a “VISION” of a city, done as a painting in the Late 1800s.

Notice the old cars, they didn’t even have cars back then.

The idea of having awesome efficient cities is great, but the city plan, the grid. the survey, and the map, they start with, is not correct.

Almost any city will begin with that exact same engineering , the same math, the same.. really old outdated idea of the Nobility, versus the Peasants,  and whatever is built on top of that grid, will feel the same, with the same types of people controlling it.

That means , sort of…, the people who will kiss the nobilitie’s ass, and turn on you in a heartbeat, then…, they will still live close to you looking for their next chance to do it again.

They will feed…on your inability to move around like you want to, in the city grid plan.

This is pathology,the potential pathway of the money spending unit in a concrete ditch.


What are personal submarines for?

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A personal submarine would look cool sitting in my yard.

Just knowing I could go out and go underwater and run around in some lake would be nice.



These guys built one, I need to follow -up more stories on this type of homebuilt stuff.


This is the “corporate idea…. ” They drive, and you see, what they want, to show you.

Better than nothin though, I would go for a ride, looks like entertainment.


This is lookin about right, nice basic sub, that fits on a trailer….


This one above looks like a really practical guy wanted to get something done.


This is a shipwreck map and a cool idea for submarines to go find something to do, I am not into the morbid thing, or wrecking more ships just to give submarines more things to do on a weekend, the idea is to get less wrecks, and more recreation .


This is the future ideas.


This is a submarine design for a sub,that moves like a fish, very cool idea.


This is a submarine yacht that could work but the design is a little too computer and not very much about what will this thing look like, or feel like, in about fifty or a hundred years? A well built ship tends to last a long time so somebody is going to have to fix this thing, and they will need parts and that could be really fun…. to try to find parts for something like this…..


So this is one you might build at home, and Im sure there are a lot of people who already did, to give you information about what it was like and how to take care of the thing.


Zoomin along, checkin out the view underwater.


This looks like where we are going with the smaller subs.

January 4, 2007

Stay busy, keep working, then sorta notice the view…..

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There is some pretty cool stuff in Alaska….

Some ideas on the Afghanistan / Pakistan thing……

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This is a page about contrast between what we see on TV and the endless supply of people who want to sit safe at home and make themselves look important by having opinions about real fighting in a location nobody has any idea why they might be fighting.

If we knew why they were fighting, probably nobody would even notice it, and we could win in about fourteen minutes, and then it would not be any fun any more, and everybody would need to get back to work.

( the logic, that :….,We’re stressed, so we must be working”…, is wrong, if you are stressed…, something, or someone close to you, is not working , they are talking and moving around breaking alliances, but they are not to be trusted.)


Try it sometime, write a really active blog about all your accomplishments and work you finished this week, and not, writing about anybody’s mistakes… pretty hard to do.


The page takes a minute to load, so kick back for a minute, if you will…., if the war in Afganistan happens to spill into your yard, hanging out at this site will not exactly help you much. Wait for this to load, but don’t wait for that war thing to load…. see?

Anyway…, this page is about what I can get, on the net, fast, about Afganistan…..

Mostly, I don’t want to go there.

It looks like a nice adventure , but I already had some adventures, and the photos of the places look nice, but it is really tough country…


So these guys can obviously carve rock, they got that down.

Then, I was looking for some contrast, and found this……


This rose garden is in North Pakistan….

Got a couple more images of the place…..


So …if somebody is blocking the road, how do you go around them?




I think, this is Pattons tanks, german tanks, Smurfs tanks, Japanese tanks ,hell I don’t know, but my point is that it is…, sort of, what we expect a a WAR to be like, and also there is another thing, we expect the sun to be out most of the time….


This…,was during the Battle of the Bulge, it was cold, snowing, and the airplanes could’nt fly, or at least they thought, the planes couldn’t fly, so they wouldn’t let the planes even try to fly, they had spent so much money on tanks , I think….,they didn’t want the airplanes to accidentally win the war too soon.

Then they get into this snow battle stuff……


Then our guys, get into this fun little hole…., looking for bad guys…..


You can’t take a TANK in there.

We got nice gear, but look at the quality of that tunnel, it is not junk, that is a damn nice arch, the bad guys might know a thing or two about how to engineer a tunnel.


What I notice about this shot, is that in Alaska, we can get out the chainsaws and cut some trees and build an airstrip almost anyplace, but in this place, it is called Behrain… a guy would need to have tractors just to get a flat place to land a helicopter.

Building a road in this place would be hard by the looks of it, and I have to imagine they know how to build a road, they just sort of know, that if they did it , uhhh…. the managers would show up, and start a taco bell. Then the kids would start shooting each other in high school when they did not “fit in”.

I love taco bell, but only if the manager of the place stays on his side of the counter.

I punch in North Pakistan, and my computer comes up with this photo…….

Russia couldn’t win against Afghanistan, and this view might have something to do with that.

I just bet the CIA guys want to start a little strip mall, and a gym, and a high school in this cool little spot. Maybe a gay bar and a summer camp for kids to teach them how to be good little celibate psychotic soldiers.

I seriously doubt that many other Americans would know about these awesome little pockets of nice secluded valleys and water and trees.

Hell you could probably just move there, and nobody would care, but if you want to take over, and manage them, and modernize everybody , I think they have probably tried that before, with the British, for about a thousand years, and they are like… “take your modern shit and go screw yourself. “

Immigration, and what I find, on my computer

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This is somebody’s very nice lawn area, with the sprinklers on jazzing up the view.


I spent a lot of time mowing lawns and doing yardwork, I liked it, when I could look behind me and see that I had got some work done and accompished something that day.

It never seemed to hurt anybody or trigger any real hostility except jealousy, and a lot of people around my neighborhood, wanting to “slow me down”, who did not want to get a competition going, to see who could have a nice yard.

This…, is not my yard, but it is a nice photo of a good one somewhere. Somebody worked on this, really, it probably did not just “grow like that.”


So then they need a sprinkler system to keep the lawn looking nice, so they need to dig some ditches for the pipes to carry the water.


This guy looks pretty cool, a basic guy, starting to build a ditch for some reason, and going by the lawn, I would guess it would be for a sprinkler.

The problem is that that machine costs about as much as a used car, and nobody will pay a living wage to have a guy run one.

So they can dig the ditches cheaper and faster with immigrants.


So does this guy LOOK like an illegal immigrant or WHAT?

Dude looks like he’s up to something sneaky to me.



So what would our buddy, Sherlock Holmes, say about this photo?

First, notice that the grass under the sign has not been mowed.

There are also no bullet holes in the sign, that is obviously, not. an American sign.

So if you shot the sign… the bullet could hit the electric transformer on the pole behind it and wipe out the lights of the entire town. Then they might make you go out and mow all that damn grass and weeds working “community service…..”

This is what they are not supposed to run away from, this is a slum in Mexico.

They apparently have, other stuff, in Mexico too…..


That sky, looks like the same sky over my house……

Then, check this kid out……


Notice, matching track suit, all the way the cool stuff.

And it is clean, and the kid’s hair is clean, and his broom is even custom sized for him, and he has good work shoes on.

The place sucks, and the sky is dark from smog. I think the stuff, piled all over, is like for trade and barter, and then any cash, would go for stuff like the kid’s clothes and shoes and water and soap and stuff like that.

Might sound stupid but it really looks like they need to just print up some cash, and get a society going .


Let me tell you something…. I punch in Mexico City, and the damn computer gives me a photo of a freeway, I said CITY……. NOT ROAD.

If I wanted road, I would have said road.

No shit, they got a road? In mexico?

How the hell you think the Catholics stole all the gold from them 400 years ago,? They took the road, man there has always…, been a road, in mexico.




This guy either wants out of Mexico or into America.

This guy is dressed for exposure, that means living outside, and the problem is that when you are outside all the time, you gotta take care of your feet, like change your socks about three times a day, this is some rough living for damn sure.

And he is running, from a place like this……


This is another beach in Mexico.


I have no idea who the guys are, but I do know that they are something I think is like a disease in our fine country of america.

These are MANAGERS.

These are the guys who would never promote me.

These are our champions, the guys who go to colleges and get the great jobs and get to go on Vacation in Mexico.

If these assholes showed up in my country, I would want to run away too……

From Battleship to Cinderella and strait on till morning

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This is Battleship, it was a very popular game, it was fun and cool and easy and when it said it was fun for people from eight years old, to adults, they were not kidding, it really was fun, for anybody who had the patience to even try the game.


Notice…, the “guys” are playing, while the girls are doing dishes…..

And that little girl was a good girl, and she would grow up, and fall totally head over heels in love with THESE GUYS…….


January 1, 2007


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