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December 28, 2006

Words that represent real activity

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First there is synchronicity, then…. you can fake chaos.

Three bands: Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, and Cheap Trick.

They all have extreme synchronicity behind the scenes, a result of rehearsal.

Then they have a lot more room to maneuver during a performance to make it look like they are all just messing around and accidentally playing music.

It looks like our elected executives in DC have some synchronicity and they somehow do not need to transmit what they are doing to the rest of us.

They look like it is all chaos and messed up, but they might have rehearsed a little. It might be wise to know that our conditioning from high school will make us skip any ideas, except one idea, that the male ego and greed and a type of leftover teenage pathology are the only things that drive these guys.

Alice Cooper started out with getting a producer who had some cash, and they took the band out to a remote ranch, and rehearsed endlessly to get the band tight and ready for better paying performances. It worked.

You ever try to get a band to go camping? I promise you , they will not know why any band would want to do that. Trying to explain it to them will only get you more interrogation, they want the easy life, not more work. They will ask all the right questions in all the right places, and invariably tell you they need to stay in town, and work their day jobs to pay their credit card bills.

So the band will never really rehearse, they will struggle along for months and years and let everybody feel sorry for them. It is very common in bands to talk…, a lot…, about being authentic and genuine and honest but the real test is, when success and cash and that remote ranch is offered to them for a month, will they take the deal? Or, choose to stay in town and be pussies and work their day jobs and stay at the struggling garage and bar band level?

Believe me, that ranch offer goes out to a lot of bands, and most never try it.

It is like some type of rule…, the band with the most rehearsal wins. So the idea of acting like an idiot on stage or dressing cool or having a really cool drum set, the chaos, and lights and glamour, always needs to come after the rehearsal provides synchronicity, so the band can maneuver on stage.

A lot of guitar guys never want to put too much distance between themselves and their dealer or the liquor store. Also…, if he turns his back on his groupie girlfriend for more than about five hours she will need to punish him, by going out….. for a night with the girls…, and finding another guitar player.

The parents want to hear about the ranch, not the day job, they like success.
The bimbo groupie girls know how to work the system with the guitar player boyfriend…, who needs to work a day job to pay his credit card bills, but you will almost never find a really hot babe who will volunteer to let her boyfriend go away for a month or so,  to rehearse with the group.

The day job thing was outdated before Alice Cooper, actually before Elvis, so the grown ups who could and would love to support a good rock band don’t want to hear about the day job, they want to hear you can personally change the engine on a diesel powered bus, and stay on the road,  playing music.

That is not work, or like a career move, it is like changing strings on your guitar, it is part off the job.

So you don’t just rehearse the songs, you rehearse all of it, how to book gigs and how to get hotel reservations, how to arrange meals for the group.

If you see a good band doing this you might not have any idea they are doing it, it gets so they are not speaking , they might be giving hand signals or just nodding at each other, and you might not have any idea who the boss is, when they can all be the boss… at any second, if they need to.


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