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December 28, 2006

This little article just hits some high points

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How much does an honest politician cost?

The hardest questions, sometimes lead to the types of solutions that make things really simple, and less expensive, when we stop taking it all so seriously.

How much would we pay, to get a politician we can understand?

The lobby thing is like the biggest joke we ever heard of.

The idea of meeting the senator on his / her/ its, way to work, walking outside and standing in some snow bank, and that is where they/ it, are really doing the business/it, of the country/it.

In high school they tell us to learn to write a bill, that might become a law, but nobody will show you how to write a bill.

Try it, ask somebody, “how do I write a bill?”

They will take the information hostage, and hold it for ransom.

They went to American schools, if you don’t know something , get a half million dollars, and go to college for a decade or so, and after it is over , then apply your social algebra skills ( MBA)/it, to trick some stupid idiot into showing you how to write a bill, a document that might, make it to Washington DC.

If you want a law, write one.

Tricking somebody, is cool, being honest, is not so easy to gamble with, or bet on.

The entire internet, is like a gambling addiction. Politics , sports, getting your kids to look cute, its all gambling.

I bet they won’t nuke us. I bet the teenagers are fine. I bet the sports guys are making their own steroids. I bet the blogs will not replace the media.

Bet , bet , bet, but the honest guys, would really freak us out, if we got, them. The honest guys would be the ultimate toy for us Americans.

Seriously, what would most people do, if suddenly they were surrounded with about seven hundred totally honest, rich , and totally sober, healthy politicians?

I mean this…(political anything)  is like driving in a construction zone and then, what if we hit new pavement, and it got so… quiet and smooth…., and we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.

Like that really weird sound when your girlfriend finally stops bitching……..

I think Washington DC is like a room we are not allowed in, and they got a tape deck, and they play sound effects of “construction noises “ all day and then send out the person who is mostly sober that day, to be interviewed, and they tell us….. “they changed the world, just the right amount.”

So I think the “corruption thing” is a luxury, and a leisure time activity based on our idea that it is a lot easier to gamble, than it is to come up with new ideas to actually build solar panels or hydrogen engines in our home shop or garage.

I don’t think there will be a “hydrogen engine industry,” I think they will give you the blueprints, for free,  and you can either build it yourself, or walk.

Then when some corrupt guy shows up, we get in our rocket cars and we are out of the territory in seconds, the corrupt guys would need to think really hard about finding us. They show up? We spend the night in Japan or South America, until they get the point.

That is what America is about, the idea, that when some idiot shows up, and thinks we need them, to manage us, we can always leave, and take care of ourselves.

But the “hot new cool thing”, is to trick people, or “create the illusion of drama and crisis,” and then get everybody in a herd and then manage them.

Proving you can do that, is proof that you can lie, and that you have friends or supporters who will reward you for being a liar.

That is the first element of a class system, eventually the worst thing you will ever want to put on a resume, is that you managed people.

The gambling thing is sort of diametrically opposed to the “stand by me” (movie), story, of kids, (young adults), bonding in their first real adult productive and useful alliances, and it is also like, betting, is opposed to the special forces military guy’s, idea, of “never leave your buddy in the field.”

Like: “I bet my buddy will make it back without my help.”

You need those bonds and friendships, no matter what your flag, language or currency is today, your rehearsal, and practice time you have spent, and continued practice being loyal to your relationships, will be the skill that replaces anything you lose.

If your school, or job, or government, is corrupt, they will want you to be corrupt to me.

My suggestion, is , from experience I know, that in high school ,the jocks and cheerleaders were the cool ones, until there was a dance.

Then in a dance, the real leaders were independent, they did not  need a herd to hide in, or lines drawn on the floor, or whistles, or a ref, or a coach, or anything. Instincts and impulses took over, and the real champions would emerge, to correct for the mistakes the “leaders” had made.

Sports were a toy, the dances were a lot closer to real life.

If you were slow dancing and some idiot in a striped shirt showed up with a whistle to manage you, he might not like the Lear Jet ride to the intensive care unit.


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