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December 28, 2006

Monsters we might respond to, even if we don’t want to

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If you get a second, and I suggest, you get at least a second, soon……

Look up Percy Wetmore…. Study this guy. He is a character in a story.

Percy is a KEY, a key we all have access to, and if you can deal with it, you can save a lot of cash.

This is Stephen King’s character in a story,  I would not mess with Stephen King or start a conversation about a successful writer.

(We have work to do, talking about literary giants is feeding on the work of others. So having coffee, sitting in our breakfast nook, talking about horror writers, is not, work.)

The character, PERCY, in Mr. King’s story, called the Green Mile, is our monster.

The myth, or fantasy, or LIE, that we have it all figured out, and we can deal with idiots like Percy Wetmore, is our primary, and most expensive weakness.

We don’t have it all figured out, and we need to stop fooling ourselves.

In the story, Percy is the nephew of the Governor’s wife.

So that is how he got the job, and why they can not just fire the guy.

(Here comes “that jump,” into entertaining writing.)

The reality, to get rid of Percy, is to get in your car, go find the Governor’s wife and kick her sorry ass into oblivion.

That means if you can’t punch her and then get her on the ground and kick her in the ribs a few times, then round up all the hairdressers and other bitches who will hate her guts, and let them kick the shit out of her.

What I just wrote, might fit in perfectly in a Stephen King novel.

What I just wrote, is about citizens in the community, stopping a stupid guy like Percy, when Percy’s tactics do not fit in with the community’s methods of staying safe. At least not at that particular time. Maybe someday, a guy like Percy could be very useful, but not, in a peaceful civilian community that simply has no need for that particular behavior at the moment.

God will love Percy, too, but people will not allow his crap. And we are not supposed to allow it, no matter, if he is a prince, or a beggar.
In a healthy civilian community, the people would just laugh, and instantly go to the Governor’s wife, and nicely ask her to stop protecting Percy.

There would be a trade, she does not want the little geek living in her house either. More than likely, she would love it, if somebody else would deal with the guy. ANYBODY ELSE.

Don’t attack the guy, attack his supply line. Remove his means of support.

You can not harass or annoy a guy like Percy, he will have real warriors and military people to give him advice who are a lot better at warfare tactics than you are, and they also have the cash to attack and remove your supply line.

Associating with, or hanging out with, a sadistic spoiled brat, and allowing them to get away with their nasty habits, is not going to attract, or hold, the friends and alliances you need, to function in any community.

(If you hang out with him, or hire him, I will not want to give you money, that you will be paying to him. I will not indirectly finance sadistic behavior.)

The first thing is, the product your community produces, must be worth it in the first place. The indicator is, customers wanting to provide their own transportation for cargo. They show up, you don’t need to force them to.

So the question is, why do you need to, or want to, have a functional community? Function, leads to trade, and exporting whatever you produce.

If all you are doing is producing and exporting more Percy Wetmores, that is a very limited product to export, in trade for anything.

How would you go about creating or building a Percy Wetmore?

If, you wanted, a reliable economical method to create dozens of them, and then, you sell the recipe, or method, as an export product.

Like software, “how to take a normal little boy, and turn him into a Percy.”

Could you think of eight or ten conditions that could be generated in a little boy’s lifestyle, that would turn a kid into a Percy?

That is everything. You know damn well that is the biggest topic and subject of every conversation we have.

The stupid thing, is that some idiot in a high school, told you, that it is your job, your duty, to take a normal little boy, and force him to be the style of worker you want him to be, to fill a position in the workforce, and he will never argue with you or challenge your strategy or agenda. You believed it.
The idea is, the potato chip factory needs a guy to stand there and inspect potato chips on a conveyor belt. For twenty strait years, that will be his career.

So you spend about a million dollars, starting a boy out at eight years old playing hockey, and football, and punish him horribly every time he talks to a girl, and then keep him away from girls, or welders, or pilots, or anybody who could teach him anything, until he is eighteen.

Then he is trained to hate his rivals, then you give him something like mental masturbation to keep him busy, you give him an extraordinary education in mathematics and physics. This keeps him believing he is important.

In the sports world, if you score a goal, you get an hour alone with a female.

If you don’t score a goal, then you gotta pay a little more, and all the other boys are told it is a good idea to wedge the relationship, or the team might lose a player.

So your work unit, knows “Good potato chip – bad potato chip,” that is his skill, and his passion.

This is never about the potato chips as a product, it is about the method of taking a perfectly good eight year old, and spending twenty years turning him into a potato chip inspector.

You don’t get credit for the potato chips, any idiot could run that factory, you get credit for stopping, that eight year old from being an independent person.

A carpenter is known for his woodwork. A blacksmith is known for his metalwork, a mason is known for his masonry.

And an American, is known for the “futures of boys” they can create.

It is a recipe, a method, a set of directions, then a product, to be proud of.

You are an individual reading this, and I am a guy writing this, but what if I was designed – and – built ,from the time I was eight years old, to write this?

So maybe the school teachers wanted a guy to write to political blogs when he was 42 years old, and write about really strange, off the topic, subjects.

I believe it is strictly a choice, like choosing to smoke pot, or choosing to live on salad, when we choose to arrogantly mold and shape a boy’s future into something we choose,  when it is mostly an extremely stimulating hobby that is best left to people who can afford to admit when they screwed up and provide the cash to correct for their mistakes.


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