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December 28, 2006

Into the political thing last autumn, fit it in one page……

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Do they still do that *voting thing* in this country?

No way…. They are still trying to pretend that might work?

The way I get it….. is the politicians get donations from companies that can’t make a popular useful product…. so the pathetic failing companies pay the politicians to protect their company, so the companies can pretend they have a popular product.

There is no real war, in the middle east, believe me, you would know it if there was one, what we have…, is just a bunch of vandals posing as terrorists with some cash, in some far away desert. The bad guys really do hurt people, but it is strictly our choice, to go play their stupid game.

So if we remove the war from the mix, and then remove the old outdated idea of people actually voting…. Then we apparently need to either join a failing company and pay the politicians to decorate it pretty, or, join a real company, and ignore everybody and make a real useful and popular product.

It is all about creating a useful product or service for the community in a reasonable amount of time, if the product is not available *in time*, the bad guys and scavengers and predators can catch up with us and they are only skilled at extortion, bribery, and blackmail…., they are amateurs.

If a company needs Washington to protect it, then they are allowing the scavengers and amateurs to catch up…, and wipe out the credibility of the functional adults who could easily provide products in a reasonable time.

This is called *shut up and pass the ammo*. We have customers not units.

In less than three hundred words I have made more sense than the entire Republican party has in the last ten years combined.

Eventually, that will come down to one single word, the word….. NO!

America is not only a land mass, it is where people agree to work with a President, OUR Constitution, and the living documents that allow people to create a useful product or service in a reasonable amount of time.

That flag could leave this land mass and go up anywhere it was welcome, and our flag is welcome all over the world. Not as a result of our tanks and swat teams, as a result of how much time we spend not needing tanks and swat teams.

For a short time we will agree to VOTE for the administrators of this asylum but mostly to prove to the amateurs and scavengers that their methods will create a mess. We need to vote for… speed…. not equilibrium and balance.


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