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December 28, 2006

Complicated then simple then complicated then simple…etc…

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The real horror we look for is Rabies and Sulfur.

That means a crazy dog, and a person who can kill people when they breathe toxic chemicals and go crazy.

Our ancestors built traditions about the reality of Rabies and the reality that normal people from our community, who were trusted, could spontaneously do serious damage to us, when, we were not prepared to defend ourselves.

This is not about cavemen, this is as current as yesterday.

The idea of a hot tub is about the same thing as a hot spring in nature where the chemicals of the planet would be condensed on the surface and people would try to breathe the gas or eat the chemicals, and they could go insane and hurt another person.

The natural hot spring will smell like sulfur and that is mostly an indicator that other chemicals might be present and easy to collect, or accidentally ingest.

Classic fire drill type of question, what do you do if you see a dog foaming at the mouth, disoriented, hyper aggressive, and wanting to bite anything within reach?

Then the next question, is about a guy, not a soldier, and not a criminal, but he spontaneously has the same hostile behavior as the dog with rabies, he has somehow ingested chemicals into his body, and he is dangerous.

We are talking about Old Yeller and Old Faithful here.

The idea is that a militant society will always need to, and want to, and, be obsessed with, the activity of making any civilian that is not trying to kill people, look, like they have rabies or like they have ingested poisonous chemicals.

They send spies, called psychologists, who ask our traditions, we tell them all about our deepest fears, they, build illusions based on that information.

The military will create the illusion that the most sane people have a dire and incurable illness that is forcing them to make all the wrong decisions.

The military knows that people always fight, and civilians will have very short times of peace between fights, so the military guys will want to get on with the fight and abolish peace altogether.

People do not want to pay, for an idle and expensive military when there is no conflict, or war, or threat, or need for a military.
So what we fear, is the spontaneous insanity of the biology and chemistry.

The idea that the person or animal who is sick is secondary.

First we want to be safe from them. Then, we have learned that if we can stop the insanity from getting started in the first place, that is good, and if we can make the animal or person more comfortable that is good.


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