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December 28, 2006

Building cars

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This is a fork in the road.

You have the choice to play war with idiots who like small skirmishes.

Or you can build the nose cone of a fiberglass automobile.


The idea is that most people never think of how extremely easy and fast it is to create a shortage of composite materials to build airplanes and cars with.

You can’t make the stuff at home in your kitchen or garage and if you do your friends will never talk to you again after you will need to be a total jerk to them when you are manufacturing Kevlar or composite fibers in your house.

Yes, I know, you are a redneck genius who could arrogantly make any damn thing you feel like, including Kevlar, but if you do it ,you better get it right the first time, or you will be in trailer land on welfare for decades after.

So normal old fiberglass is what you are stuck with, then you need to forget what you know about aerodynamics and just draw the car so it looks cool.

You will think that sounds stupid, but in real life, kids in seventh and eighth grade were punished for drawing things that just looked cool and you will not forget that, the schools wanted you to do the math of aerodynamics, and you will still believe that just drawing something that looks about right, is like a sin against humanity, and possibly God.

The basic idea is to build a plywood mold based on your drawing, and then wrap it in fiberglass material and paint the fiberglass with glue and the glue gets really hard and you have the nose cone. Sand, Primer, Paint, Done.

Think of this more like an Egyptian guy who has a bad hangover in the desert and he needs some mud to make CLAY POTS to get water, from the well, to his house with. This is not a rocket ship or any car you will put guns on, this it is basically so the idiots who build cars are not telling you how to run your normally pretty stupid life.

What you want, is a life, that can just go ahead and be pretty stupid and not involve so much profoundly advanced math to keep up with the arrogant stereo salesman or the coffee shop bimbo.

The sales people, have Nice Technology, forced on you, with a BAD attitude.

Think about it, they took the math, of planned obsolescence, and built the education of the college students, to be obsolete, within four years.

A Fighter Jet is the same design as a CLAY POT made out of mud, if it looks like a clay pot, and it will hold water, it is obviously finished, so just get over the math garbage.

The math you have been doing so far got you stuck as hell in a country that
has the most precision measurements of failure ever calculated.


So the goofy nuts who play war will be fighting for the next fifty years.

Did you have plans, for what you were going to do, after the war?

Like maybe you refuse to work, until there is peace in that part of the world?


So then we need to build the cars ourselves. This is not a hard project.

This does not mean you build a car that will be duplicated and patented and then manufactured.

That is how they got you, to not get any success in your life, in the first place.

You could have built a Ferrari when you were 14 years old, but the school system wants the military and government and the idiot middle managers in the car industry to have your designs first, in case you come up with something new, or something that would wipe out their industry.

So get over it, stop trying to wipe out anything, and just build a nice car.

Four wheels, an engine, some seats, a heater, and a stereo. Seriously it is a basic design, the ford model T and ford model A are still almost the exact same components of the cars we have today, a car, is a car, is a car.

Steering and brakes, not to impress the idiot car enthusiasts, but to steer and slow down the car with.

The idea is to get a life where you can be stupid , and pretty much be a dreamer, all day every day, totally spaced out and let your mind wander and then when you need to move yourself or some cargo get in the car and drive and it should not be a hassle,.

Also you don’t need to go over about forty or fifty miles per hour if you don’t want to.

Then, if you feel, like doing three hundred miles per hour, just design and build the car so nobody else can ever get hurt.

There is no rule that tells me I need to get mad if you don’t finish your car if you start getting serious about designing it, but it is better to have all the stuff you need, and maybe a little more, if you really start building it, then it needs to be finished and safe in case anybody else gets in it and drives off, they need to know how the thing works and stay safe with it.


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