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December 28, 2006

Another one, about the same idea, toward independence

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How much does an honest, (effective), politician cost?

Are they just, more expensive, than the types we are getting?

This is sort of like….we want fresh vegetables, and all we can get are the frozen kind. (There is a glitch, somewhere.)

Like wanting good tires, and the industry seems to have forgotten how to make the things.
You ever try to explain, what really good stereo speakers are, to a guy who wants to sell you bookshelf speakers? (spooky)

Some guy said when the democrats took the day , that was a “thumping”.

No, it was more like the Democrats mugged a drunk in a dark creepy alley.

The only way I can think this will work, is if ,and when, we change what we are asking for, and we gotta ask for some really advanced stuff.

I’m not trying to lead, I just like hanging out with people who like very high quality stuff.

I think this means we are going to need to write the documents ourselves and stop this “dependency thing” we have going with the channels of the system.

We need to learn contract law. Then write the business contracts ourselves.

Like writing your own health care contracts, and banking and credit rules, and tax forms, and insurance contracts.

They are handing us a country, that is at about the reading level of a 12 year old.

They are giving us, about what we are asking for.

I think we need to start getting ahead of them, like I did with my parents when I was about fifteen, and I could stay out and gone for three or four days on my motorcycle, my parents were forced to ADMIT that I was growing up, and I needed to be treated like a more mature person, or it could get damn expensive for my parents.

Like this, tell them to forget Iraq , tell them we want South Africa, and Turkey, and India, and then we want to terra – form Mars, and get it done in eight years. Tell them to get off their ass, or we might just do it ourselves and then move and they can have their old worn out hull of a country. Let Mexico and Canada have this old flop house, we know how to build America.



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