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December 28, 2006

An idea that is not really finished

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I  don’t think I am quite qualified to speculate or write about this topic too much but something about it might be alright to talk about a little.


When the concentration camps were liberated, (WW II, Germany, Holocaust etc….) the prisoners all got out and there was no place to go, it was pretty quiet, they mostly just walked to someplace they could get food and shelter.

But some of them actually went back to the camps.

That is the weird part.

So the word liberated, and the word liberty, and the words civil liberty, are all from the same root word and idea I think.

I think libery is sort of, one of those words, that a lot of times is like, not this, and not that, more than it describes what it actually is.

“Liberty is not a concentration camp, not a prison, not strict praetorian guards running the show, not  fear , not control.”

I don’t want to get spooky, it is a bit too easy to get sensational and romantic with this stuff.

But the main topic, about people returning to the camps, is really peculiar.

Like we have a situation with being worried about our civil liberties being messed with, and we don’t like it, but if we do get what we want, there is a possibility that a lot of people will move right back in to the world they want out of so much anyway.

“Plant some flowers, get some curtains, plug in a boom box, and make it cozy? ”

I think that is what a lot of people are doing anyway.


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