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December 28, 2006

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So you decide to have a party at your apartment and you invite some friends over, and they have a great time, but they do not want to leave.

How do you get them to leave?

Simply ask them what it is, that you are providing, that is keeping them there.

That means don’t guess, speculate, or anticipate, don’t play psychologist or psychiatrist or witch doctor.

Just ask them, what they like about your home, that is keeping them there.

The stereo will be the first thing that needs to get shut off. Then turn off the motor to the hot tub, then start throwing extra food in the garbage, then pour the booze down the sink drain, and then open the doors and windows and turn off the television and DVD player and unplug the microwave so they can’t use it.

Basically they are in your home to have the electronics and the electricity and then the food and drinks that go with the electronics and electricity.

Take away the plumbing, and heat or air conditioning, and they will leave.

This is all for their own good, they had a great party, and it is time they went home.

The proper terminology is elevated. The party crowd is elevated by the electricity and electronics past a level they can add anything to, or support, by simply participating in consuming the atmosphere or various supplies.

This is not about threatening anybody or generating fear, this is about having a good time meeting people, forming alliances and friendships, and then choosing to get on with those alliances and friendships in another place that is not a party, but a better location, that will allow the new relationships to flourish and grow and develop and then achieve healthy responsibility, and accountability, in the community.

Most businesses and marriages start with some type of event, that is strictly a short term, temporary, event, to allow people to meet other people with interests and supplies that can be put together to build something of quality.

So if you want quality, you need the party to stop, and the work to start.

That is basically the end of the story for that simple section or example, but the primary hazard is the technology that can keep the crowd elevated.

So then comes the big switch.

The party is not a house party.

The party is about a very large and horrible World War, and all the returning soldiers who won that war, coming home and throwing a victory party.

Then the technology is there, that keeps them elevated.

This is not normal.

No other society ever had soldiers who came home from a War and had stereos, TVs, washing machines, electric stoves, hot tubs, and basically everything they would need, to keep the party going for sixty years.

When these men left for the war, their parents had horses, and oil lamps, and outdoor plumbing.

When the men came back from the War their parents had airplanes and motor boats, electric guitars, and endless movies and radio shows.

When the soldiers came back everybody wanted a car and electric lights and indoor plumbing.

That party crowd after WW II stayed elevated and they stayed that way past the level they could add anything to the location  where they were having the party, they just kept the party going at the expense of anybody.

The party did not generate jobs or supplies or any security or a surplus.

They were elevated by the technology, not, from any of their personal achievements or accomplishments. And then, they are not being generous or nice, when they force the younger generation to pretend the TV is going to provide any security or a surplus.

The normal average party time after a large war is about twenty years, then the kids who are born right after the War are twenty years old, and they take over, and build a civilian lifestyle in their community.

A real civilian lifestyle is where your morals, and ethics, and, disciplines and rules about crime and law and a healthy respect for minding your own business, comes from, The civilians, not ,the veterans or their followers.

Soldiers, having a five year long victory party, are not the place to send your impressionable kids to learn anything about work, or discipline, or forming healthy relationships.

When we were little kids, we all heard the story, about where some other kid or adult, might try to offer us candy if we would do something stupid.

The guys who came back from WWII set up everything so the banks and insurance companies, and health care system, would offer us a type of grown up style social candy, if we would agree to do something stupid.

Mostly that means, don’t make the Veterans or their wimpy followers actually provide real evidence of being productive, useful, honest, or accountable for their actions.

Then they, will give you credit at a bank to let you get a TV and a truck and a nice hot tub, and mostly the way you earn this stuff , daily, is by keeping your mouth shut about the sleazy gambling and sex and other stuff the bosses and managers are doing.

Still, the only problem, is that they are elevated by the technology.

The opposite of elevated, is people having their feet on the ground.

That is like turning off the Television, and going for a walk outdoors.

If you try going for a walk, some idiot will report you for being a suspicious looking character, and the neighborhood watch people come out and track you with their cars and cell phones, then the security guards show up and lurk around for a while, and then finally the real police will show up and ask what you are doing away from that Television.

Like, they gave you a television, so why are you outside?

So you tell your wife you are going for a walk, then our hero, the average  seventeen year old girl, drives past in her car, and speed dials 911 to report you, then a neighborhood watch alert goes out, then the security guards start driving past, then the real police show up.

The police do not send one car, they send three, they are fully prepared for a major violent incident, and they pretty much have nothing else to do, to train their new people, so they will spend a couple hours practicing on you.

Then you call your wife from jail and try to explain exactly why she needs to spend the cash she has saved, for her new electric wok, on bailing you out.

Then the woman, your loving wife,  will actually hesitate, and think about it, like maybe she might leave you there overnight until you learn your lesson.

The question is whom, or who, provided a repeated demonstration of this collection of tactics and techniques, to the seventeen year old girl, the neighborhood watch, the security guard, the police, and the wife, that allows this situation, that will make a man petrified of going for a walk?

Is he afraid of gangs or robbers in the streets? No, he is not going to go outside and risk having his wife report him.

It could be anybody, it could be his eight year old son. Anybody can report a suspicious looking person and get about two hundred people involved with keeping records on all the activity it takes just to send a police officer to ask for a man’s ID card, and question him for a while.

This means that if the neighbor’s kids are playing outside after dinner, about fifty people can get involved if somebody decides the neighbor children are being neglected, and going wild, unmonitored and unsupervised.

This writing started out with an example of a simple house party and then pointed out the reality, that the new relationships, that can last long after the party is over, are the goal, and point, of the party in the first place.

The logic follows that if you had a party, and two of your friends decided at your party, to open a business together, and that business proved to be corrupt and a burden on the community, then it might be an idea to either have another party, or try to get more businesses going somehow that would overpower the business that went wrong.

Then back to the original point, the party needs to end before anything can get going on in the first place.

The technology keeps the old timers elevated, creating the illusion that the old guys are generous leaders.

That elevated state needs to stop, the people need to come down to earth and stop fighting it, and then allow the young people to get a firm grip on building a civilian society with no disruption or interruption that masquerades as proper adult monitoring and supervision.

Any suggestions for solutions tend to be short term and will normally allow any new business or idea to almost exactly duplicate the post WWII ideas about management, strategic planning, and policy, in business.

Research this, don’t just fight it, or believe it. Get your own foundation in the history of this and ask people what they think, and especially young people, and then simply switch, a little of your support, from an old timer, to some young person, who is ready to form relationships to build a civilian society.

The important thing to keep correct if you decide to take any action with this idea, is that it will be almost totally biological and not intellectual, it is entirely normal, and in our deepest instincts for civilians to take over the operations of everything after a large war.

That is not an insult to any Veteran or older person, it is actually an honor to them. It basically proves they won.

The illusion is complex, but not all that interesting, it involves the Veterans teaching the students in the 50s and 60s that the only method to get past the veterans was to apply the same exact tactics.

That is how warriors do things, they answer the enemy’s tactics with almost the exact same tactics.

So most of us will instantly see a challenge and want to meet that challenge on the same exact terms the veterans set for us.

So stop that. It figures that if you play their game their way they will always win and they can say you chose to play that game.

You will sense what is correct when you are building something civilian, when it simply sounds correct, trust it. It is not immoral to trust yourself.

There is no group, or gang, or army, or corporation or anybody, it is just you and the friendships you choose to participate in.

The vocabulary is not the same between militant or institutional people and real civilians, the real civilians are a lot faster moving and tend to make real progress extremely fast when the leeches and dependents are left behind.

This could mean tht a class system could develop, not racist, more like hyper advanced young people developing modern methods to baby sit and care for emotional and guilty feeling old baby boomers.

That is not an insult, it is simply a lot cheaper to build an old folks home than it is to fight a bunch of rich old retired people.

The elevated people, that means you and me, need to come down to earth.

Then it is likely the young people will hit the ground running and they might just keep going, and not come back or send money home to us.

Another thing, stop asking for the government or any institution or industry to help with this, they will wait, and respond, count on it, they are all really sick and tired of all this too, they want to stay out of the way, and then show up later and be the boss if they can get away with it.


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