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December 25, 2006

Couple more tricky words

Filed under: Some tricky words — topspeedroller @ 4:58 am
  • Instinct
  • Chase Instinct
  • Aggression

The basic idea is that “some guy” does a “study” on the idea of instinct or aggression and he writes a book and then the MARKETING of the book is awesome, that means he has a lot of friends who will buy anything the guy writes, then the book is a best seller and whatever bullshit the guy writes about damn near becomes a law in our society.

Basically they are stating the obvious, things we all know about already, but we like to sit around and talk and have coffee and ignore the kids, and then we like it when some guy has a really cool way of explaining instinct or aggression, but really these conversations normally happen when people are being lazy and not working anyway.

One thing you will notice if you look these words up is that “frustration aggression” comes from some fool interrupting your schedule.

Like you have a routine, and you are trying to work and get your chores done and some idiot just has nothing to do that moment except interrupt you and then the assholes get paid for that and we call that personnel management.

They piss you off, by interrupting your routine, and then you are angry and then they.. “Try to channel that anger into more productivity”.

The normal instinct, is to kick their sorry ass.

The ridiculous idea of a “study” on if, and how, to piss a person off, is about the biggest waste of time, most of us ever heard of.


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