Blog Vocabulary

(1) Some words, to look up and study, again.

Hello, the word PRETEXT is a word to look up and study, I really am interested in somehow building and selling inventions, and the pretext bullshit does not get anything built.

I built another blog I have been working on for a couple days and it is about adult masturbation, and that is part of the day when you are building something the world has never seen before.

This is…How Private Is It…18+

By the time I was 14, if I would have had 10 grand, I could have gone directly to some of the finest colleges, and built some of the safest, and fastest, exotic cars, trains, and airplanes.

BY the time I was 14 I was also masturbating a just about any time i felt like it and the world was still just hating that shit back then, damn they hated it. They also didn’t want me designing cars, they fucking “needed” me washing dishes and working fast food.

I did not have the cash, and you got shitty cars, trains, and airplanes for the last twenty years.


This is a photo of the type of stuff a grown up might look at when he is jacking off. No shit. I don’t ask for her friggin ID. She is a porn star and she is good at it.

The only way you could “catch” me with a chicky babe is if you SET OUT. to catch me doing something.

So if I was building a car that cost about 12 million to build, you want the cash, or, you want your piece of shit car to still look cool, so you try to get me busted.

My cars and other designs are new, and my masturbation is fresh, and I’m not asking permssion.

I don’t just want cars to fly, I want the damn things to land, after they fly, land safely, and in a way that is competitive so you can get the hell out of there is some asshole wants to get you busted if you have a cute girl with you, and he wants to “save the day,” from all us guys who like quality ladies.

No I don’t want “underage girls” I want the world to stop knocking on the damn door when I am drawing, or when I am jacking off. And then learn to leave the damn kids alone, so they can do whatever they might be doing.

  • Engineering
  • Acoustics
  • Discipline
  • Management
  • Friction

The activity here is to get the words out front first, and then I want to decide my interpretation and write about that, and then my attitudes might change a little as time goes on.

I don’t want to be “too stuck” on my idea of what the words mean, but I do want to be consistent, so any philosophy I have, might be represented by a reliable and predictable activity following the statements I write about.


There will be lists of words, like above, and then my interpretations and this could go on and on. In a way this is about me, but it is also about current events, and our blogs being about the language and text, and, the sort of strange fact, that we are all sitting at home writing this stuff and not really sitting around a backyard actually talking to each other.

I really don’t know much about how to get any real work done, by writing about it, maybe as the years go past I have got a little behind and old fashioned, but I still think getting outside and working , used to be, a pretty reliable method of getting things done.


Here is a navigation page, to try to keep all this together….Index – Navigation


I believe that smart people putting their brains and energy to work, will replace the popularity of the internet…, and balance the media, and computers with more activity that happens outside, and traveling…, not, to get an education, but to apply the education we have. Not to make money, but to optimize the money we have.

The internet and most people’s…, “borderline – irate – behavior”…, tells me the internet is like rough cut lumber, so full of splinters that nobody can get anything done, smoothly.

It is difficult to be proud of ourselves, or our society, when it is so saturated with paperwork glitches, and slow downs, and traffic jams, and reading “help files” and tutorials.

I think we got the point…, a lot of people think they will be rewarded for the amount of time they never see sunlight. Like a scholar or a college teacher, sitting in a dimly lit room full of intellectual style books, deciding…, who will be the ( student) leader of a society, that involves most of the real work, and decisions, being made outside.

I am T.J., and some people call me Teeg , so that is what I sign as, on blogs I write to.

So I think we need to aim for getting our vocabulary focused at things like building our own transportation, homes, and injection molding our own plastic and building our own phones, even if those phones are done with 50s or 60s technology, it depends on the conversation, not how small your phone is.

Small is really cool these days, but that is militarism, militarist people always need and want to prove they can make something economical , even when it does not matter to anybody at all. They are just obsessed with proving they can make something useless and light and then obsolete in the shortest amount of time.

There is nothing wrong with big heavy stuff that might last a hundred years. Our high schools force us to try to “fit in “, and then we make the mistake of doing that after we are 18 years old, and it will never work. Fitting in with people who are setting out to create the worst junk and call it technology, is joining the people who don’t want to admit they need a team or group to protect them, when they cannot take the risk of getting caught being civil.

Civil, means civilized, means civilian, and in a militant society, civil is a threat to the people who want to keep everybody marching in circles until they can trigger a real conflict someplace, and then they will lie, cheat, or steal, so they can stay far in the rear and be the “leaders” while the rest of us are forced closer to the violence and hostility near the front.

There are about ten pages of this writing here, to read first, and then some other more creative pages, with more images , and then the posts on the sidebar are mostly worked in to the text.

I think what triggered this idea was that I was looking at a lot of blogs, and almost all of them had almost exactly the same vocabulary, and ideas, but people were not talking about basically saying “screw it…, I can build a car, faster than I can build a website.


So to me engineering is about building a product , both to have a useful product and also to make a social statement that will allow the people of the community to protect me when they like the product and they will put social pressure on or against the guys who slow me down and inhibit my next project, and people who might interrupt or disrupt my lazy activities I like so much.

I get really pissed off when people think it is alright to disrupt my lazy activities.

I do not think it is OK, to interrupt or disrupt another person’s activities, for any reason.

The law will protect you from people who block you from going to work to support yourself and others, but the law is a bit behind schedule developing rules for people who can basically assault you verbally, or sabotage your activity, if you are not working for a “company” or “industry” at the moment.

This is a force multiplier, the law will apply, to keep us in line, until we get around to talking about it, like I just wrote it.

This is to say that a lot of my engineering requires a lot of time off to dream and think and then the really good ideas happen sort of “out of nowhere” when I am calm and just hanging around fiddling with some other less important project.


Here is a link…..Diagrams…. to a few more photos and stuff that goes along with my idea of engineering.


Looks pretty cool right? This is the JOB of engineering, This is a clay model of a Corvette being built at General Motors.


The link to the rest of the page is here…..Building Clay Cars This is a beginning of a lot of stuff that is really what I think more people, especially me, should be working on , but we have a zillion idiots between us and the stupid clay it would take to build a model of a car.

If you want better cars, I got ’em…., but YOU…. gotta back off the idiots so I don’t need to fight them. If you encourage the fight, between me and some freak who can not design a car, then you think about that….. the next time you are waiting for an ambulance and fire truck after a pileup on the freeway.

HERO time….., this is a guy to emulate in certain ways….Geddes…and we need to stop punishing or questioning people who talk about the future, this guy was doing this stuff in the 1920s and 1930s.


Sound fades out, it is absorbed, and so on, but I really get into the idea that places like the Senate Building in Rome, was about acoustics, the engineering of the particular placement of the rocks and stone and marble and everything else they used , to bounce the sound of the orator around, so everybody could hear the guy.

I think it matters that the guy needs to have something worth listening to , and sometimes, that the guy has a certain amount of style, like an image and method of speaking, but that comes after a properly designed building, and the possibility of people being able to see the guy and read his lips and body language, and see the responses of the other members of the audience.

That might relate to TV and also the blogs and other media on the computer, the screen is still really small and it is not really filling up the room, we are limited to pretending this glass screen is like the Roman Senate building, and I think we are fooling ourselves . Like a real rock concert in a stadium, is a lot better than watching a concert on the computer.


The activity means you stop yourself from interrupting or disrupting another person who is working or playing, when all you want is personal gain for yourself, and then you feel guilty, and secretly hope you don’t get caught messing with somebody’s activity or credibility.

Seriously, if you just keep doing what you are supposed to be doing and stop letting the temptation of freaking another person out take control of your day, you will get your work done and get some cash, and the cash will be there to fix your problems.

A lot of people who hit on this subject dive into the religion thing…, when they can not admit that basically paying somebody, to torment somebody else, and being paid to torment somebody else, is like a full scale social replacement for real work and accomplishment after industries have made it so we don’t need to work so hard growing food, or taking care of livestock, or digging for minerals, or negotiating trade agreements.

Self discipline is what allows me to spend hours and days, with no monitoring or supervision, and I never get in trouble. It is not religion, it is practice and rehearsal of habits that actually work. So then, yes I have a religion , but I can not blame my religion for my good activities or my bad activities, I can blame my religion for grace and serenity and a challenge and a type of burden that compels me to stay within the boundaries of that religion or suffer various consequences that are mostly like slipping out of some good healthy habits into some bad ones.


I believe and take action on my belief that most Americans are worshiping the peculiar and not new, but old and ancient GOD….., called, MANAGEMENT.

I do not believe this is the first time people wanted to worship personnel management.

People, like as in ALL OF THEM.

For example, you can teach a little kid to build their personal ” spirit” by doing the dishes all by themselves, or you can teach them to trick other people into doing the dishes for them, and that removes the spirit of the other person.

So it is like people are gambling with the concept of a spirit, the spirit idea, is like that feeling where kids get out of a stuffy emotionally intense day at school and then feel spirit when they get out of that shithole and get to geo out and play and see people who are a lot healthier and can make progress.

When the school system is hyper emotional and sick and blowing their budget covering their secrets, primarily ineptitude , when, all they know, is books, and no skills, the kids actually have more skills than the teachers, so the teachers compete with the kids.

You can not believe that we can allow the teachers to destroy the kids spirit like a military commander destroys a new soldiers spirit, and then think that forcing the kid to be spiritual, and pray, and fear authority will get the job done.

This means we get short term temporary results, and instant gratification and convenience from management, but then there will be a price to pay , and that could be like a devastating epidemic of the lazy people freaking out when the strong people stop fighting it, and simply move to someplace else.

So you wake up one morning and everybody is gone, they left you a note, it says…, “you wanted to manage us, you did, we went broke and we were miserable, so we left. Today you get to manage yourself, we really hope your day sucks and you fall over and die, please don’t try to find us, if you do, we will shoot you.”

Yes, edit, is also a word, in my vocabulary……

I think most of us “Know Better” than to let the weird.., and sort of… “not all the way explained” management ideas, set the course of our day, but the luxuries, and little stupid rewards, are SOOOOO….. RIGHT IN OUR FACES!! that we sort of “slip” off our disciplines, and let the geeks who offer us the little gifts, be the managers for the day.

They suggest something we know is not right or correct, then we tell them NO, then they offer us a candy bar, or a new mortgage, or a bank loan, and we sort of say…, well…, I guess its OK , just this one time……

Cool, but then that is the example the kids will follow and that is what the idiots who want to hurt us or our country will take full advantage of.

AFTER we let the manages get away with this for a while…, it becomes like a social rule and then it can become like a law.

That is where the VOCABULARY changes, the lower life forms we are allowing to manage us, are changing the meanings, of the activity the words represent, to really insignificant little activities that are only convenient to them, for their personal , short term, temporary gain.


The managers I have watched growing up, and being promoted to management in this really contrived sort of amusement park of consumerism and retail sales, have learned the old, and totally amateur, and blatantly obvious trick, of mangling the language to pretend they are “confused” to “trigger” us to give them way too much information, and then INSTANTLY, when we challenge them about their horrible criminal behavior,they will get hysterical and claim we are threatening them and then they want to have an “incident” and call security, and call the cops, and call the swat team, and act like they are suffering extreme emotional trauma.

This is friction, and it creates a lot more friction, basically people are paying the managers to act like fools and idiots.

The effect or result is that eventually you will not “like ” shopping or retail, or any contact with TRADE anymore.

You don’t want contact with a Farm, or a Ranch, or a Mine , and then the “Big time” managers are working on making you not want to work with Trade, and then next, they will make you want to stay away from a Family and then they are going to want to manage almost every single minute and second of your day.

Agriculture, minerals, livestock, trade, and a family, are the elements of a civilian lifestyle between sea level and 6000 feet of altitude on this planet.

There is not really, a they, THEY, is actually us, we, are doing this, somehow believing that if we run a totally managed society, we can recover with tact and style if it doesn’t work out so well.

Mostly, what I want to hear, is that this is a “Controlled Experiment,” and that there is a large control group of people who remember how to run farms, mines, ranches, trade and a family, in case the fun stops, and the work needs to get going again.

On to the second page…..
Page Two



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